TV Vixens To Crave – 21 Oct 2019

Abbie Gayle on “Looking For Alaska”

actress abbie gayle looking for alaska

– Here on this blog we always aim to discover the best young talents and the appealing Abbie Gayle has a success story on the horizon with her recurring role on the highly rated drama series “Looking For Alaska”.
– She stars as Holly Moser, a student at Culver Creek (I for one find to be just misunderstood) who often comes into conflict with Alaska’s gang due to her obnoxious behavior and a little air-headed demeanor.
– Holly has a penchant for the ludicrous as shown with the scene when she tries to explain that the recently deceased Alaska was trying to contact her via Morse code. Abbie perfectly captured this incongruous side of Holly.

Emily Swallow on “Supernatural”

actress emily swallow supernatural

– The biggest news is of course we get to see Emily Swallow on the highly anticipated Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” and this intensely beautiful actress is sure to blaze a trail in the universe.
– She also recently reprise her role as Amara aka ‘The Darkness’ on “Supernatural”, this time rejecting her brother Chuck aka ‘God’ and giving him a good sermon on his dire predicament being stuck on Earth.
– Besides her captivating appearances on several hit shows including “Instinct”, “Elementary” and “Bull”, Emily will be one of the vocal talents on the video game “The Last of Us: Part II” coming to Playstation.

Lucy Walters on “Law And Order: SVU”

actress lucy walters law and order svu

– In what is a heavy episode on “Law And Order SVU” that takes an emotional toll on several characters, Lucy Walters is a standout as Tammy Miller who struggles with her beliefs as her teenage daughter gets pregnant.
– The twists come thick and fast with Lucy’s character quickly embroiled in one of the most contentious cases onscreen. Her emotional range has to be applauded as she riffs off Mariska Hargitay with effusive weight.
– Of course after my article on her TV daughter Carolyn Dodd from “Get Shorty”, it’s great to see her returning as Katy Daly and revealing some risque information about to her jailbird husband about their daughter.

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