TV Vixens To Crave – 27 Oct 2019

Hannah Barefoot and Susannah Devereux on “Creepshow”

actress hannah barefoot creepshow
actress susannah devereux creepshow

– With Halloween only days away, we’re set to be enamored with the women in horror and on the Shudder series “Creepshow”, the luscious duo of Hannah and Susannah do more than captivate the eyes.
– Hannah is spellbinding in the episode ‘Night Of The Paw’ as Angela, a killer who has ties to a magical monkey paw that grants wishes to its owner and soon finds that receiving such an artifact has its consequences.
– Hannah is making waves on the small screen following up her entrancing work on “L.A.’s Finest”, “Lucifer” and “Criminal Minds” as well as being the leading lady of the TV Movie “Country Christmas Album”.
– Susannah plays Marjorie, the wife of Bruce Davidson’s character who are the first 2 people to utilize the monkey paw enchantment with tragic results and she’s expressively persuasive as a woman in desperation.
– With her silver locks, Susannah has certainly been quite the foxy lady as the star of the indie comedy “Double Date” which has won approval on the festival circuit and she excelled in a sexy yet grounded performance.

Naomi Snieckus on “Carter”

actress naomi snieckus carter

– Notable for bringing the house down in her recurring role as Bobbi Galka on “Mr D”, she’s adding comic fervor yet again, this time on the 2nd Season of “Carter” and boy does she get us laughing to her tune.
– Displaying her comedic chops as the sprightly coroner Delilah Halsey who is introduced in episode 2, she flirts with reckless abandon seemingly having the hots for Jerry O’Connell’s Harley Carter.
– This princess of comedy is brightening the world one role at a time, from awkward gym teacher to improv queen at her company The Second City Toronto, Naomi’s infectious smile is a ray of sunshine.

Rebekah Graf on “The Kominsky Method”

actress rebekah graf the kominsky method

– A babe from head to toe (check out her sultry turn on “Hawaii Five-0” above), Rebekah Graf has already portrayed the iconic Heather Locklear this year and she’s primed to be a figure of seduction for years to come.
– Don’t miss her alongside Michael Douglas on the Season 2 premiere episode of “The Kominsky Method” where she plays a ‘Trophy Wife’ widow at her husband’s funeral and is rubbed the wrong way by Michael’s Sandy Kominsky.
– She recently starred with Josh Duhamel in the harrowing Discovery movie “Capsized” as Meg Mooney who is the girlfriend of Josh’s captain John Lippoth struggling to survive shark-infested seas.

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