Masha King

rising starlets masha king madam secretary

When there are screen sweethearts in our midst, we jump at the chance to sing their praises and Masha King is most definitely ardor worthy. She has a recurring role on “Madam Secretary” as Talia Petrov, the sister of Dmitri Petrov who are both placed into witness protection and their back story is a most colorful one. If you have followed “Madam Secretary”, Dmitri was a Russian army captain who was used like a pawn by the CIA. He also entered into an affair with the daughter of Téa Leoni’s Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCorda a.k.a. POTUS. In Season 6, we see Talia re-connect with Stephanie “Stevie” McCord (Wallis Currie-Wood), the aforementioned daughter of POTUS. As Talia, Masha has the serene almost innocent virtuosity that grows on you in keeping with her character’s job as a healthcare worker. Viewers can feel her vulnerability thanks to Masha’s impeccably pleasant portrayal. Returning for 4 more episodes in the final season, we can’t wait to see how her life with her brother will pan out as their brother-sister interaction has a lively edge to it.

Hailing from Kiev, it’s an honor to feature the lovely Masha as she’s the very first actress from Ukraine to ever be featured on this blog. Earlier in the year, she was named the top Honoree of the 2019 The Webby Awards for the Video & Film “Best Individual Performance” category. That says a lot about her charismatic appeal which should see her gain an ever-growing list of devotees. Be it drama or comedy, Masha thrives with a flowing gracefulness. She’s slated to star in the upcoming comedy “For Entertainment Purposes Only” which will see her alongside Sherilyn Fenn who we all know was quite the rousing figure on “Shameless”. It won’t be long before the delectable Masha melts our hearts and carved her own path towards admiration from the masses.

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