TV Vixens To Crave – 30 Oct 2019

Dawn Noel on “NCIS Los Angeles”

actress dawn noel ncis los angeles

– Television in 2019 is becoming the mantelpiece of cherishing actresses and the luscious Dawn Noel would rank as a face we would love to see more of in episodic format, guest-starring this week on “NCIS: Los Angeles”.
– With elegant poise, she plays LAPD Officer Jessica Cole who together with her partner stumble upon a warring couple that are more than meets the eye when they are activated after a noise complaint.
– Already an award-winning actress and director thanks to her moving short “22 Years” which was a hit at numerous film festivals, Dawn’s emergence from indie films to TV is an upshot of her many divine gifts.

Kara Jackson on “Bull”

actress kara jackson bull

– We’ll be hearing a lot about the gorgeous Kara Jackson as she’s appearing in not 1 but 2 hit shows all in the space of a week, firstly on “Bull” and then on “FBI” after her dramatic role on “The Enemy Within” early this year.
– On “Bull”, she’s embroiled in a murder case as Helen Potter who is seemingly involved with the defendant’s husband as revelations come out when she is grilled on the witness stand by Freddy Rodríguez’s Benny Colon.
– Kara is remarkable as Helen, moving from infallible witness to a much more jittery state after incessant questioning which threatens to unveil her secret. She is more than capable of handling the shift in sentiments.

Katy Breier on “Frankie Drake Mysteries”

actress katy breier frankie drake mysteries

– After her recurring role as burlesque dancer Lydia Hall on “Murdoch Mysteries”, Katy Breier follows that up by guest-starring on “Frankie Drake Mysteries” affirming why she’s so eye-catching in shows of bygone eras.
– As Lilian in the latest episode of “Frankie Drake Mysteries”, Katy is a big draw in the guise of the sassy telephone operator as she shows the ropes to Rebecca Liddiard’s Mary Shaw who is on undercover duties.
– There’s a multi dimensional element to Katy’s portrayal as Lilian in addition to the obviously sunny perkiness that she has projected onscreen and it’s a validation on why she’s one of Canada’s rising talents.

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