Davie-Blue of HBO TV Series “Room 104”

When there’s a series that’s as loopy as it is intriguing as the upcoming HBO series “Room 104”, we most certainly need to fawn over the eclectic cast which includes the very charming Davie-Blue. Do look out for Davie-Blue in her most dynamic role yet as Jennifer in what will be a wild roller coaster of an episode when she comes onscreen. She’s reuniting with … Continue reading Davie-Blue of HBO TV Series “Room 104”


Starting off this new segment called Buzzworthy on the Actress Obsession Blog is an entertaining new web series fronted by the delectable Brittney Bertier. Poking fun at New York and LA with an emphasis on the latter, audiences will be lapping up the new comedic web series “TRANSPLANTS”. It’s about a guy and a girl (friends) who relocate from New York to the bright lights … Continue reading TRANSPLANTS The Web Series