Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 6 May 2015

1. Deanna Pak in “Prom Ride” – Deanna has been lauded as an absolute delight, a fitting praise for this exotic beauty with the exquisiteness that dazzles whenever she takes to the screen. – Blossoming Scream Queen and genuine sweetheart Deanna Pak stars in the slasher flick “Prom Ride” which sees a group of friends attacked by a methodological killer on the night of their … Continue reading Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 6 May 2015

Sizzling Cutie: Annie Baria

Annie Baria has such lovable features that passionate fervor from viewers would be in the offing from the start. She has that Edie Sedgwick meets Pixie Lott quality which could make her a delectable muse in our time. Plus she’s a blogger too which means I have to spread the love. Here’s her blog ALTARED and she recently walked the red carpet at the premiere … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Annie Baria