Sizzling Cutie: Cleo Handler

It’s gratifying to be fixated on the women of television especially when pretty faces such as the luminous Cleo Handler pops up on the small screen. Catch the beguiling Cleo in the crime drama “Public Morals” set in the 1960s where fedora-sporting, wise-cracking cops are trying to rid New York of its vices. In one of the episodes, her character has been called cute and … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Cleo Handler

The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s

Most might be wondering what the “F” stands for and I can say with certainty that in the 60s, the “F” can represent quite a variety of things. For instance, Femmes who were Famous and Fashionable in the Swinging Sixties! It can also mean the Fun these Foxy women were having on and off the silver screen. So as a tribute to the icons of … Continue reading The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s