Hotties Dazzling Our Eyes This Christmas Season

1. Laurie Love in “Defending Santa” – Laurie is best known for essaying dual roles as Lucy / Sadie in the cult hit “Blood Moon Rising” where she excelled in what is grindhouse horror at its best. – She does however play against type in “Defending Santa”, one of the many Christmas Movies bringing you cheer this festive season. – Not to worry though as … Continue reading Hotties Dazzling Our Eyes This Christmas Season

Hotties Dazzling Christmas 2012

Carrie Genzel in “The Wishing Tree” One of the most intensely gorgeous faces in the industry, Carrie Genzel is a Canadian talent who often is compelling as she is lovely. Her new movie “A Wishing Tree”, another Hallmark Channel favorites sees her tackling the role of Amanda Breen, a domineering woman whose son is a little bit of a troublemaker. That is until the Christmas … Continue reading Hotties Dazzling Christmas 2012