ScreamFest LA Spotlight: Rising Starlet Kathleen Wise

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Here is the arrival of an amazing indie darling in the form of KATHLEEN WISE who is as beguilingly attractive as she is a compelling actress. In “Viscera” which premieres at ScreamFest on October 13, it will be a performance to remember as KATHLEEN’s portrayal is one that runs the gamut of emotions in what will be a talked-about horror flick.

It’s always great to see a women who is adept at carrying a movie and just from the trailer, KATHLEEN is absorbing throughout as Hannah, one of two survivors of a plague-infested world. It’s top-notch atmospheric horror especially when her partner starts to be ravaged by the flesh-eating contagion and the psychological terror ensues. The promise of a cure (which has serious side effects) offered by a mysterious stranger ratchets up the tension even more.

I’ve also managed to ply KATHLEEN with some questions and you’ll discover she’s got quite the sense of humor.

1. What do you think it’s the toughest part of being part of a horror movie?

First of all, Viscera was my first horror movie and there were definitely some unexpected challenges, especially on the super low budget indie level, but I think the toughest part is the stamina and I now have a completely new respect for the genre. At the end of every shooting day I think all of us, cast and crew, were slammed with sheer exhaustion, mental and physical. Each day involved hours and hours of running through frozen fields, running up and down stairs with a heavy shot gun, screaming, screaming, and more screaming. And practically living in the cold and filthy “basement”. But there is also a HUGE feeling of satisfaction and comradery that come along with all of that, especially when it gets some attention and we get to share it with an audience.

2. Tell us a bit about you role in Viscera and what attracted you to be part of the film.

I love Hannah, my role in this film. She’s a bad ass and a survivor. Craig Difolco (the director) approached me a few months prior to offer me the role and I was thrilled to get to work with both him and Michael Izquierdo. Pete and Craig were in the midst of writing it, so I jumped in pretty blindly, but was totally confident about working with these guys. Again, it was a completely new genre for me as well, so I was excited for the challenge!

3. What is the one other genre that you love to perform in and why?

I don’t really have a preference, I love comedy just as much as heavy, cerebral dramas (both as a viewer and an actor). People often peg me as a super serious, dramatic actress, but I have an incredibly dorky, comedic side. I think the best case scenario is to get to jump around and dip your toes in each genre, to keep the muscles strong. Same goes for getting any opportunity to jump around between theater, film, and TV, which each requires different sets of chops, but then different rewards and satisfaction comes from each. I might be able to cross horror off my bucket list, unless there’s a Viscera 2, or a masseuse and a hot tub on set. Or if it takes place on a warm, tropical island.

Thank you to KATHLEEN for taking the time to answer my questions and it’s time viewers ‘wise’ up to the mesmeric performer that she already is…:) Remember to check her out at the KATHLEEN WISE BLOG.

Indie Princess: Alyshia Ochse

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There’s nothing better than to acknowledge the brightest prospects of this generation and with the beautiful ALYSHIA OCHSE among the ranks. we’ve promptly entranced. Think of ALYSHIA as an experiential actress for she has a penchant for pushing herself in varying tangents when in character. In the fantastic short film “The Guest” as the seemingly innocent DANA, she provided the celluloid suspense, throwing us off her scent until the shocking discovery that appearances are indeed deceiving. She made quite the impression on her debut in the horror stakes yet we’re scratching the surface when referring to her competency in front of the camera as she’s on the road to becoming an accomplished producer too. This has allowed her a better insight into the nuances of film-making leading to more absorbing performances from her. Before we get hypnotized by The Woman In Black (when Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe comes of age), there’s The Woman In White whom for viewers especially soap fans will know is about to be the bewitching factor on “General Hospital”. Recently announced as the mysterious lady that lurks around the grounds of Wyndemere, it won’t just be con artist Ethan Lovett having cravings for ALYSHIA. Don’t forget Jamie Foxx did cast ALYSHIA in his TV Series “Nite Tales” and his approval is no doubt impactful.

Don’t forget to catch her in “Inventing Adam” as the flustered fiancee of the titular protagonist Adam who is looking for the spark that could be life altering. Ochse plays Katherine, all highbrow enroute to meeting Adam who encounters her own travails as her snobbish attitude is put in its place after various travel disasters. This was the film that triggered my avid interest in her and will encourage others to see her in an adoring light. This Thanksgiving Season, I’m indebted to all actresses across the globe and across varying genres who have me in their thoughts ever since the Actress Obsession Blog was born some 2 years ago. Regardless of their popularity or stature, they’ve more than substantiated their appeal by being comprehensively down-to-earth. Reserve that special place in your hearts for indie talents such as ALYSHIA for they are at the pinnacle of enchantment in both the make-believe and real worlds.