British Vixen: Nicole Faraday

The UK is becoming the epicentre of esteemed talents and Nicole Faraday is once such thespian with wonderful promise. This gorgeous actress is starring in the revenge thriller “Kill Kane” playing Kim Brookes, the wife of the character Vinnie Jones is essaying which is a surprising turn in itself. Abandoning his screen forays as mostly villains most recently on “Arrow”, he’s a force of nature … Continue reading British Vixen: Nicole Faraday

Screen Sweetheart: Karah Donovan

Bubby and beautiful Karah Donovan has all the makings of an engaging personality. This week, she can be seen on “Hart Of Dixie”, the hit show which has led me to some of the finest talents on this planet. Karah joins the likes of Kaitlyn Black, Mallory Moye and Aysnley Bubbico who still remember me even though they’re pretty famous now. More glimpses of this … Continue reading Screen Sweetheart: Karah Donovan