Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell Veronika Dash

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If there’s a list of the hottest breakout talents in 2015 then Veronika Dash could be seen as a most intensely alluring beauty. Seeing how she’s sizzling the red carpet at the premiere of her movie “Youth” in a body-hugging dress, Veronika may just be one of the most tempting favorites with the photogs at Cannes. She does play Marilyn in the must-watch drama by iconic filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, a character who channels the Sex Symbol celebrity status with indelible sparkle, quite possibly a nod to the late Marilyn Monroe. With her doll-like charm, kissable lips and the drop-dead gorgeous curves, one can say that Veronika may just follow the path that Malin Akerman took and blossom into a highly coveted enchanter. What better than to have Veronika who is a quintessential photogenic European-born cutie (she hails from Ukraine) gracing the glitzy locales of Cannes.

Many will remember Malin’s start as a comedienne and Veronika herself has excelled at the comedy circuit, from feature films to a stint at the Zoofest ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy festival in Montreal, Canada. From now to 2016, she’s slated to star in several movies of the hilarious persuasion. This includes her first ever musical comedy called “Fearless” that takes the beach party culture to melodious heights and having seen the sneak peek (above), it’s ideal to heat up your summer days thanks to Veronika’s presence of course. Add her tri-lingualism in English, Russian and Italian to the mix and you have a talent well-positioned for a global audience. Her elegant red-carpet pics at Cannes should already be making the rounds on the net and grabbing massive eyeballs. She also recently became one of the faces for the new #SelfieForACivic Campaign. So cool cause my Dad drives a Honda too! In this era Goddesses don’t just reside in Heaven for we have one right here in front of us and she’s the ravishing Veronika Dash!

Go and visit the VERONIKA DASH OFFICIAL SITE for all the juicy updates on her film career.

Hot Actress #479 – Nicole Andrews: Blonde Bombshell

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After seeing her on IMDB’s Fresh Faces Of The Week for the third time in a matter of months, it’s destined that NICOLE ANDREWS is the topliner today. I do keep track of the weekly Fresh Faces on IMDB and I swear this is the first time, I’ve seen an actress featured thrice….WOW! The world’s largest film portal has apparently succumbed to her seductive charms of which she has many and even though she’s darken her hair with highlights recently, everybody knows she’s a Foxy Blonde…:) In the US, she’s known for being the luscious vixen who utters “There’s a whisker in my hamburger!” in the Super Bowl 2011 Ad Winner ‘Bud Light Beer-Dog Sitter’ video. Her star is also set to shine with a role as Joyce Jamison in “We Bought A Zoo”, what has been highly anticipated as another Cameron Crowe Classic with a majestic cast including Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning.

Information about this sexy lady may be scarce on the net but with this feature, I hope to kickstart yet another new-found obsession will all things NICOLE ANDREWS. There’s so many facets to a woman’s attractiveness; some may say her body and others might opt for the lips yet the eyes remain the first point of engagement and NICOLE has a pair that’s intended to drive us wild. Now that is something she never fails to do, be it on film or television; the best part is she’s going to enrich our viewing experience with her sizzling presence for a long time.