Hot Actress #479 – Nicole Andrews: Blonde Bombshell

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After seeing her on IMDB’s Fresh Faces Of The Week for the third time in a matter of months, it’s destined that NICOLE ANDREWS is the topliner today. I do keep track of the weekly Fresh Faces on IMDB and I swear this is the first time, I’ve seen an actress featured thrice….WOW! The world’s largest film portal has apparently succumbed to her seductive charms of which she has many and even though she’s darken her hair with highlights recently, everybody knows she’s a Foxy Blonde…:) In the US, she’s known for being the luscious vixen who utters “There’s a whisker in my hamburger!” in the Super Bowl 2011 Ad Winner ‘Bud Light Beer-Dog Sitter’ video. Her star is also set to shine with a role as Joyce Jamison in “We Bought A Zoo”, what has been highly anticipated as another Cameron Crowe Classic with a majestic cast including Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning.

Information about this sexy lady may be scarce on the net but with this feature, I hope to kickstart yet another new-found obsession will all things NICOLE ANDREWS. There’s so many facets to a woman’s attractiveness; some may say her body and others might opt for the lips yet the eyes remain the first point of engagement and NICOLE has a pair that’s intended to drive us wild. Now that is something she never fails to do, be it on film or television; the best part is she’s going to enrich our viewing experience with her sizzling presence for a long time.

Hot Actress #453 – Livia Milano: Sexy Siren

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Take it from me, gorgeous LIVIA MILANO is a rising starlet you want to be a fan of as she’s always accessible and affectionate. LIVIA is also immensely delectable in a bikini and I have to give a shout out for sending me her most tempting collection of photos…:) In the supernatural thriller ‘DEAD AWAKE’, she plays a drug addict opposite stars such as Amy Smart, Rose McGowan and Nick Stahl in a role that’s a total opposite of who she is in real life. Ever since I started connecting with her on FACEBOOK, this lovely lady has been a delight; adoring the spirit she has and brings to her craft comes easily when acknowledging her fine talents. You may also know her from reality show ‘MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER’ where she’s set up with a guy who fails to impress her whatsoever! Dude you certainly miss your chance; LIVIA’s sexy Italian roots, foxy allure and warm friendliness would have anyone desiring her without fail..:)

Below are snippets of her experiences on the set of the film ‘DEAD AWAKE’ as she regales some of the funny incidents that happened during the making of the thriller including the memorable scene where she had to proposition Nick Stahl’s character with a BLOWJOB!!


“Sooo I dont love flying and took a Dramamine at LAX. I landed at the next airport with a small layover and was feeling really loopy even moreso than effects of alcohol. But I looked at my phone and I had 3 hours until my flight to DES moines. So I ate, had coffee and watched people cone and go. When it was time to board, my terminal was empty. I forgot about the TIME CHANGE and missed my flight to DES Moines!!! I was supposed to arrive late and film the next morning. After some tears and whining and explaining that I needed to get to Iowa to film a movie, they put me on the next flight (no charge) and I made it to Iowa with just enough time to get a few hours of sleep before call time :)

I found out I got the part of Carmella (crackwhore who dwells in Charlie’s – rose mcgowans- building) 5 days before. I wanted to prepare, but knew I couldn’t lose enough weight to look like a true addict in such little time, so I decided to immediately stop washing my hair. By the time I made it to set, my hair was stringy and greasy and it helped me get into the right mindset. I met Rose for the first time in the hair trailer and explained why my hair was so funkdified to the hair stylist and Rose gently explained that they have product that can make your hair look dirty lol. Maybe a rookie mistake, but I wouldn’t have done it differently. Rose also had her extremely adorable Boston terrier on set and it was pretty cool getting to work with someone I’ve admired. Andrea Leon was great from the start and we both agreed to rehearse our big makeout scene once we got on set. We wanted it to be fresh and unplanned. After meeting the director and rehearsing our scene with Nick Stahl and rose, I definitely hid my huge grin as I walked back to my little trailer. I would’ve jumped on the couch with excitement, but wanted to play it cool. The crew was also so amazing and they were so nice that I would’ve felt more comfortable bringing them coffee.

I ended the evening doing yoga on the balcony overlooking the very quiet city. It was an amazing experience and only the beginning. Even Marilyn Monroe started out with a bit part. I love acting so much and it was a lot of fun stretching myself to a character so opposite of who I am. Oh and my very first line to Nick was, “I’ll blow you for ten bucks.” lol. I asked the producer, in front of Nick, if I could up it to $50 at least, but he said no so Nick and I had a good laugh about what a cheap whore I was. “