Indie Horror Starlets To Crave @ Crypticon Minneapolis


Jennifer Prettyman


– A genuine angel of the indie horror scene, Jennifer has delved into a variety of genres and has notably beguile in dramatic roles which showcased her captivating veneer.
– Here’s Jennifer revealing more about her role in “The Escape” and “A Cursed Coven”:

In my film The Escape my character is running for her life as she is chased by a madman. I wrote, directed, & starred in this film, & Roxanne Williams helped me produce it. It is screening tonight at Crypticon before the film A Cursed Coven., which I have a role in, along with Rachel Grubb, & Sarah French (who you know). Ries Dahlquist is the producer. It’s about 2 sister’s & their friends who uncover the truth about their heritage & a dark family curse. I play Rikki, Rachel’s boss in the film.

– Fans can get to connect with her at Crypticon as she will be there all weekend from Friday to Sunday so expect her to steal quite a few hearts.

Sarah French


– Sarah is an esteemed guest at Crypticon and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gaze longingly at this blonde bombshell and Scream Queen.
– With her 2 movies namely “Insectula!” and “A Cursed Coven” screening and the fact she’s gracing Crypticon with such potent sensuality, this voluptuous blonde is a magnet for fandom.
– Citing Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira as influential, Sarah exudes her own charismatic glow every time she takes the screen proving she’s a cut above!

Rachel Grubb


– Vintage Goddess and Horror Princess Rachel Grubb is an addiction for many around the world as she has a distinctive allure that’s ultimately eye-catching.
– She’s the bewitching lead in “A Cursed Coven” playing one of 2 sisters who discover their legacy as witches that come with a dark family curse.
– Rachel is one of the most photogenic actresses to emerge from the indie horror scene and she has the classic beauty as well dazzling poise to delight audiences.

The Must Watch Starlets At Comic Con 2015 – Part 1


1. Kristen Gutoskie in “Containment”


– One of the world’s must adore faces, the ravishing Kristen Gutoskie stars in the upcoming “Containment” on the CW Network which has buzz written all over. Catch her as schoolteacher Katie Frank, the face of calm amidst an alarmingly deadly epidemic!
– Think the MERS virus X 100 and you’ll get a sense of the contagion that will have a big impact of the life of Kristen’s character Katie. Seeing how she responds to the forced isolation is worth every minute watching this conspiracy laden viral outbreak series.
– The stage is set for her to be the apple of our eyes and taking on such a heroic role makes Kristen very covetable seeing how she’s also on the “Containment” panel at Comic Con.

2. Ellen Dubin in “Nobility”


– Sci-Fi Vixen, Indie Queen, TV Siren are laudations well deserved for the delectable Ellen Dubin who has made her endearing presence felt in numerous mediums and she keeps getting sexier every year.
– One of Canada’s finest performers, her loveliness is infectious as is her innate sensuality. Don’t miss her in the sci-fi series “Nobility” where she appears as the Colonel Theia, a member of a very intelligent race called The Eujins who has valuable lessons for humans.
– It’s only a matter of time before Ellen garners an icon award for her contribution to the entertainment industry where she’s fondly regarded for her captivating performances including her memorable turn as Giggerota in the cult hit “Lexx”.

3. Megan Duffy & Eileen Dietz in “HAG”

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– Already notable for being the shining star of the horror short “Hag”, Megan continues to astound us with her perfect mix of allure and comely beauty. She’s a viewer’s dream girl as Marie Somers whose sleepwalking is a pre-cursor to something more terrifying.
– Effortlessly morphing from cutie to screen temptation, this crimson-haired minx is on her way to be one of life’s addiction!
– Eileen may be playing the titular Hag (kudos to her for taking on the countless hours on the makeup chair) but she’s already a legend as the face of the demon Pazuzu in “The Exorcist”. With her devilish yet engaging smile, she’s a charming lady indeed.
– From 2015 onwards, she’ll be very much on our radars thanks to her array of new horror roles which includes “Scream Queen Campfire”, a nod to our unforgettable Scream Queens.