Rising Starlet: Angeline Appel

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Kissable and vivacious Angeline Appel could soon be on her way to garnering a period of prominence. We ourselves are sometimes lucky to go through life and be in touch with future stars such as Angeline seeing how she’s one of the leading ladies in “Babysitter’s Black Book”. This fascinating drama on Lifetime is about girls who start up a babysitting business only to fall into prostitution after running into financial problems. Already a screen sweetheart, Angeline will definitely turn you on as Rachel Foster, the hot high school babe with the craving for cash. The transformation of the teens from being babysitters to becoming the core of a prostitution circle cuts close to real life as per recent cases and is going to be the big draw of “Babysitter’s Black Book”. As the sexy and cavalier Rachel, she’s seen as the ringleader who in a way influences the girls down an undesirable path.

I saw a review on IMDB commenting on how Angeline is highly arousing in the film, a worthy compliment indeed which can be applied to her fellow castmates (Spencer Locke, Steffani Brass and Lauren York). Avril Lavigne also adds more star power with her seriously addictive song “Give You What You Like” (check out her music video above). Likewise watching Angeline’s enticing performance makes you crave for the upcoming projects that she will be part of. Just like her tumbler: http://broadwaybarbie.tumblr.com/ reveals, Angeline has big dreams and it looks like she’s destined to be very much in demand.

Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 19 Feb 2015


1. Ashton Leigh in “Frankenstein vs. The Mummy”

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– One of the most beguiling young actresses to grace indie cinema, Ashton Leigh mesmerizes throughout as the star of “Frankenstein Vs The Mummy”.
– It’s a return to the monster mash sub-genre and with an intelligent, feisty leading lady in the form of the dazzling Ashton Leigh, the creatures of the night should be very afraid!
– Ashton will be appearing in the James Wan supernatural thriller “Demonic” alongside Maria Bello and with her impressive run in horror, 2015 could soon be her year in the spotlight.

2. Jackie Debatin in “Pretty Little Liars”

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– Her mid-western charm and wraspy voice are certainly the tenets of Jackie’s sultriness as she returns to television in a role with quite the mean streak.
– Check her out in the episode Pretty isn’t the Point from “Pretty Little Liars” as the formidable pageant coach shooting down the tiara dreams of Ashley Benson’s Hanna!
– Her character did mention about allure and if you’ve come across Jackie’s onscreen work, she’s consistently been enticing ever since her sexy “The Office” days.

3. Meg Chambers Steedle in “The Mysteries Of Laura”


– Many will remember Meg for bringing a charming gravitas to her role as Billie Kent, the mistress of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) in the hit series “Boardwalk Empire”.
– She exudes such a fun disposition, it’s potently addictive and she’s channeling plenty on her return to TV as the perky Francesca “Frankie” Pulaski in this week’s episode of “The Mysteries Of Laura”.
– Described as a modern day Clara Bow, Meg also has a gorgeous, melodious voice and now showcasing her comedic sensibilities, she’s the perfect package.

4. Samantha Stewart & Rebecca Rowley in “Buddy Hutchins”

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– Here are 2 rising starlets of the indie world and they both appear in “Buddy Hutchins”, a tale of a man arming himself with a chainsaw after being pushed to the edge!
– Samantha is the stunning actress who captivated us in comedies such as “Bikini Spring Break” and “Bachelor Night”, leaving us with a sweet aftertaste.
– Rebecca caught the eye as a juve prisoner in “Jailbait” and her penchant for pushing the boundaries onscreen will ensure she’s positively riveting.

5. Jenny Gabrielle in “Banshee Chapter”

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– Jenny embodies the spirit of an indie darling, from her effervescent features to the interestingly weaved, multi-faceted roles she’s done.
– Watch her as Callie, the woman who changes into something sinister under the influence of an experimental drug and threatens the life of intrepid reporter Anne (Katia Winter) in the creepy “Banshee Chapter” produced by Zachary Quinto.
– She is slated to star in “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”, the sequel to the original hit “Maze Runner” which may just propel her blossoming emergence on film.