Hot Talents @ AFI Fest 2012

Sarah Hagan in “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had with My Pants On” It’s easy to be in awe of indie darlings when they’re as accessible as Sarah Hagan. Give her an “A” for likable charm for this lissome talent genuinely resonates in the features she’s done, most significantly in the Sundance fave “Jess+Moss”. She enchantingly delivers once more in “The Most Fun I’ve Ever … Continue reading Hot Talents @ AFI Fest 2012

Rising Starlet: Rebecca Ocampo

As you read this, viewers would already have been treated to exotic temptation Rebecca Ocampo who makes an appearance on “Hawaii Five-0” in the episode “Kalele (Faith)”. She is touted to have a nice scene with Emmy Winner Ed Asner so when you get a chance don’t miss it! I’m ecstatic for her that she’s gaining prominence in TV Land but for for me personally, … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Rebecca Ocampo