Hot Talents @ AFI Fest 2012

Sarah Hagan in “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had with My Pants On”


It’s easy to be in awe of indie darlings when they’re as accessible as Sarah Hagan. Give her an “A” for likable charm for this lissome talent genuinely resonates in the features she’s done, most significantly in the Sundance fave “Jess+Moss”. She enchantingly delivers once more in “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On” playing an actress with issues of her own and discovers new beginnings on a road trip with her high school friend. Sarah does have a distinctive appeal that sets her apart and she even does a high-nasal voice in her latest onscreen persona. She’s a versatile actress we should all passionately follow.

Lila Salet in “Simon Killer”


The True meaning of French Flair is how effortlessly sexy French women can be and Lila Salet is dropping with sexiness. Flattering her comes with the territory and she carries herself with sophistication on a very sweet level. Watch her in the violent, sex-drenched French-American production “Simon Killer” which promises to be a wild trip into the seedy side of Paris. Considering how photogenic Lila is with her kissable, full lips, it’s a stroke of genius in casting her in the erotic tale. Those inviting green-blue eyes of hers should yield a wave of devotees who have long desired European faces.

Stella Maeve in “Starlet”


Don’t you think Stella Maeve has an old-world beauty that just keeps getting more and more praiseworthy every time you see her. It’s no wonder her choice of movies have invoked unforgettable memories from the 1970s. The bewitching actress of “The Runaways” and “The Manson Girls” is the perfect choice to play the feel-good women of that era which Stella emulates so well. Even in the indie film “Starlet”, she somehow manages to channel the understated hotness in her role as a pot-smoking dysfunctional roommate. Her name Stella means “A Promising Star” and that alone should augur well for her.

Vinessa Shaw in “Come Out And Play”
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One of the industry’s under-rated talents, Vinessa Shaw may not often get the accolades she deserves but her longevity should point to her widespread appeal. Just like Parkey Posey who was only recognized after a long spell, Vinessa started off in a slew of independent features. Wes Craven’s exploitation-horror film “The Hills Have Eyes” gave her prominence and it’s great to see jumping into horror once again in “Come Out To Play”. She has faced mutants before and this time it will be a deadly confrontation between her character Beth and a group of sinister children. Unconventionally sexy, Vinessa does make us swoon…:)

Rising Starlet: Rebecca Ocampo

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As you read this, viewers would already have been treated to exotic temptation Rebecca Ocampo who makes an appearance on “Hawaii Five-0” in the episode “Kalele (Faith)”. She is touted to have a nice scene with Emmy Winner Ed Asner so when you get a chance don’t miss it! I’m ecstatic for her that she’s gaining prominence in TV Land but for for me personally, it’s nice to know she was in a music video of one of my fav bands, horror punks AFI. In the director’s cut of ‘Miss Murder’, Rebecca is every bit a video vixen in the slinky and sexy black dress. Her hazel eyes and sensual glossy lips are the cornerstones of her blossoming appeal. As a dancer, she’s performed with artists such as Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance and Nelly Furtado. One only has to check out the REBECCA OCAMPO OFFICIAL SITE and notice how her interests revolve around fashionable things.

She’s definitely someone whom you can throw gorgeous threads at her and she’ll make it look trendy and presentable. Her personable and sweet disposition is also infectious giving those around her such joy. With so many positive responses on her guest spot on “Hawaii Five-0”, REBECCA OCAMPO is the face everyone should get to know. News are abound that she’s been invited to do more scenes related to her character and all this means more yummy servings of REBECCA….:)