Jamie Bernadette

The elegantly lissome Jamie Bernadette is turning heads all of this weekend with her riveting performances that have a fascinating edge. She’s going to be a screen darling of three film festivals including the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival which she will be gracing as well as the Phoenix Film Fest and NYCIFF 2017. The star of “The 6th Friend” and “Face Of Evil” … Continue reading Jamie Bernadette

Rising Starlet: Jamie Bernadette

The glowing Jamie Bernadette is an actress we would be putting on a pedestal of adoration for years to come. She stars in “All Girls Weekend”, the must-see slasher about an ill-fated reunion between friends in the woods, appearing alongside Katie Carpenter and Gema Celaro, beauties who have indeed graced this blog. “All Girls Weekend” is certainly nothing like the sisterhood of the traveling pants … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Jamie Bernadette