Sizzling Cutie: Amber Connor Her ability to move from sweetheart to tempting and back again is what will draw viewers to embrace AMBER CONNOR. The hot pics of her (above) would testify to that in a hurry! With the world premiere of “Bunyan” happening at Shockfest 2012 on November 17th, it’s an event not to be missed seeing how AMBER is the leading lady or should I presume … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Amber Connor

Hot Actress #464 – Shannon Freyer: Sexy Siren

I’ve always been enchanted by the Golden age of Hollywood, how I wished for a chance to experience the 1930s/40s, the era filled with glitter and classic beauties. No prizes for guessing that the mystique of Pin-Up Dolls will never fade away and it’s invigorating when the all-female singing/dancing troupe Satin Dollz revives those glamorous days…:) One of the lovely members of Satin Dollz known … Continue reading Hot Actress #464 – Shannon Freyer: Sexy Siren