Canadian Vixen: Elisabetta Fantone

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Channeling movie-star allure and mesmerizing beauty, ELISABETTA FANTONE is on her way to becoming a global addiction. She’s already famed for being a reality television personality, model, author and a gifted painter as well. What we have here is a Mega Talent with the dazzling radiance to match! She is the epitome of the best of both worlds with her Italian and Canadian heritage being the hallmark of how stunning she really is. ELISABETTA is undoubtably a seductive force of nature and for her to exude sexiness as a brunette or a blonde is what we picture as an ideal screen siren. In “Havana 57, her role as Juliana, a torrid Cuban dancer and roommate to the murdered chorus girl is sensual and riveting. She’s caught up in her love for the detective handling the homicide and her desire to survive. While the film is set in 1957, ELISABETTA can indeed sizzle in any era and the camera loves her every essence. We most certainly can include her in the pantheon of modern day Sex Symbols!

2014 is likely to be her year as she’s slated to appear in the star-studded drama “Big Eyes” alongside Amy Adams, Krysten Ritter, Christoph Waltz and Danny Huston. This could be her springboard to become one of the sought after ‘IT Girls’, coveted by both viewers and directors alike. Even The Kardashians have a thing for her, recently commissioned by the reality royalty to showcase a piece of her art in their famed clothing boutique “DASH”. I remember Craig Ferguson calling actress Vera Farmiga as a fascinating young woman and ELISABETTA’s multi-faceted endeavors are worthy of enthralling consumption. She’s even tackling the dark subject of prostitution in her upcoming feature “My Name Is Sandy” and proves her mettle as an actress is impressive. As an artist, she’s brilliant and her portraits of James Dean, Muhammad Ali and Lady Gaga are works of art everyone would love to own. ELISABETTA belongs to that rare breed of special talents who are pure captivation…:)

Here’s her youtube channel:

Rising Starlet: Mariah Bonner

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MARIAH BONNER is the embodiment of feminine lusciousness which everyone will come to know as thoroughly mesmerizing. If you think Gal Gadot (who nabbed the Wonder Woman role) is a sizzler, MARIAH has a sensuality that in the same way effortlessly gets us aroused. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, her upbringing in Paris, France puts her on the pedestal of stylish allure yet she’s approachable and is driven to be the best she can in all forms of entertainment. The superlatives to describe this sexy actress is endless, her piercing blue eyes and perfectly svelte body certain to kindle waves of adulation. MARIAH’s pleasant sophistication is very much appreciated here and very soon around the world. No stranger to different genres, MARIAH has been an enticing figure in every role she’s been in, from her early days in “The Social Network”, to being the leading lady in Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning” and starring in horror film “Shadow People”. Many will soon discover she’s a dedicated talent on top of being the onscreen addiction she’s already become. Viewers can spot her in the thriller “The Activist” which is getting plenty of buzz.

Here’s some juicy news that’s sure to make her ever more ardently memorable. Recently, she’s started singing a good deal and since she’s bilingual in French as well as English, that’s double the enchantment we will be by her lovely voice. If you live in LA, come out and see her perform: This aspiring songstress is also in the throes of working on some original material with the view to performing it live and eventually doing an album. Here’s a sample:

In terms of acting, her film “STARVE, a tale of feral children should be out in early 2014. She will be playing the role of Eve in the ABC Family show Switched at Birth, airing air in Jan. 2014! Expect her to be the girl to watch as she gains prominence with every chapter of her career.