Indie Princess: Graci Carli

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On the cuteness scale, Graci Carli is picture perfect and would certainly be high on any connoisseur’s list of beauty. Whether it’s her come-hither smile or those beguiling blue eyes, she needs to be appreciated with fervor. Having already won Best Actress Winner at the International 48 Hour Film Festival, Filmapalooza (2014) for her role in the comedic short “Little Things”, she may well be at up for sustained ardor. Graci does shine in lighter or darker themes, for instance as Holly Davidson, a newlywed who is beset by a demonic entity in the semi-found-footage horror flick “The Devil Incarnate”. Turning in a fine performance, her metamorphosis from sprightly to sinister is worthy of attention. On lighter fare, she’s just as enchanting as she projects in the buzzworthy indie film “Delusions of Guinevere”. She plays Lillia, the close friend of Guinevere (Ariana Bernstein), a former child star who so happens to be a little on the portly side in her adolescence. It deals with the prevalent issue of looks in the ever fleeting fame game where one moment you’re wanted and the next rejected. Although Melissa McCarthy and Mindy Kaling have quashed such perceptions.

Graci did get praise for exuding a gorgeous, Bohemian allure during casting which was fitting for her artist character. For me, I can watch her all day long and probably be swooning like most as sweetness in a lady is my weakness. Following on the fact that recently there’s a few ladies I’m been having crushes on (co-workers included) and so celebrating their appeal has to be the order of the day. One can sense that Grace is full of joyous personality and her charisma is destined to be treasured. It’s time viewers around the globe start falling for this vivacious young talent.

Foxy Femme: Aurélie Meriel


Some women are born with the unmistakable allure and Paris-born vixen Aurélie Meriel can definitely sizzle your world. She also exudes a mesmerizing air of confidence which coupled with her personable nature makes her a delight to watch and of course get in touch. Many people don’t give enough credit to sexy women who are just as accommodating in person and Aurélie is one of those whom you would crave to know more. Even if she played the femme fatale, many of us can’t wait to be touched by her sensuality.

Here’s more juicy info from the luscious Aurélie herself:

A few months ago was released on DVD Seal Team Eight, an action film with Tom Sizemore, in which I play the villain ( lead female role). I just starred in a period piece film shot in the Netherlands that will be premiere next February, I was playing opposite Charles Dance ( Tywin Lannister in Games of Thrones). Right now I’m working with Marem Hassler on her first short film as a director, I play the lead role, it’s called MUTE, it’s about mysophonia, people who have hatred of sound. we have a few days left of shooting.

Charles Dance is surely one lucky guy, seemingly surrounded by stunning women and Aurélie does indeed belong in the bevy of beauties. Who knows she may get to be on the epic series someday too! She does wield her feminine wilds in “Seal Team Eight” in bond girl-esque fashion, the bad girl of the piece yet thoroughly strong-willed. Get Aurélie on future installments of the James Bond franchise I say! She has a penchant for delving into challenging character arcs that resonate within so expect more intriguing moments from her. With her ever growing sex appeal, Aurélie may soon find fandom beckoning her way.