Sizzling Cutie: Annie Lynne Melchor

A flurry of stunning actresses is often met with euphoria and we’re more than obliged to take a liking to the radiant ANNIE LYNNE MELCHOR. As she has once noted before, her meaty stuff happens in the realm of theatre but her transition to television on the erotic anthology “Femme Fatales” is definitely just as tasty. While “Femme Fatales” became synonymous with its gratuitous offerings … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Annie Lynne Melchor

Hot TV Vixens Of Summer Part 5

Megan Duffy in “Torchwood:Miracle Day” Summer might be winding down as we await the advent of Fall but there’s still plenty of gems to catch on TV. Redheads have and will always be a guilty pleasure and in the luscious form of actress Megan Duffy, you’re in for a treat! Her scene-stealing appearance alongside Bill Pullman in the latest episode of “Torchwood: Miracle Day” should … Continue reading Hot TV Vixens Of Summer Part 5