5 Indie Sweethearts Who Sizzle In Amityville Terror

Amanda Barton Lai-Ling Bernstein Tonya Kay Nicole Tompkins Christy St. John 5 Crave-worthy Women in 1 Horror Film evokes five times the adulation and we’re blessed to be able to appreciate their distinctive appeal. With the release of “Amityville Terror” available digitally and for purchase, the time is ripe to sing the praises of the onscreen femmes who are illuminating this enthrallingly scary movie. Actresses … Continue reading 5 Indie Sweethearts Who Sizzle In Amityville Terror

Sizzling Cutie: Amanda Barton

Expect a charmer like indie starlet Amanda Barton to start making a name for herself in a slew of horror films and keeping us absorbed. Catch her on the Netflix DVD release of “Blood Rush” which is now available to enjoy. She plays Abigail Cross, a single parent who suspects her son is infected by the very virus that has seen her town over-run by … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Amanda Barton