Actress Spotlight: Jona Xiao

The comely Jona Xiao is on the ascendency with a plum role on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” as well as her upcoming appearance on “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. As the sprightly Julie Yang in this week’s episode ‘Rules of Honorable Play’ on “Halt and Catch Fire”, she stirs things up by smacking a poor guy on the kisser. Rumours are also abound about her part on … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Jona Xiao

Sizzling Cutie: Heighlen Boyd

One only has to gaze at the enchanting fresh faces on TV to be spellbound and actress Heighlen Boyd is on her way to becoming a genuine sweetheart. This week, catch her as Esta in “Into The Badlands” as a young female warrior belonging to the coven known as Butterflies who are the disciples of the newest Baron of the Badlands aptly named The Widow … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Heighlen Boyd