Quirky Saucy: Christine Barger

Compliments such as funny, gifted and inspirational are often bestowed on CHRISTINE BARGER, affectionate nods to her sunny, colorful personality that so often spurs interest. She’s currently charming the online space in an episode of “Meter Maids” (watch it above) as a ventriloquist with grievances towards her two-timing traffic warden boyfriend. Let’s give acclaim to the marionette artistry she possesses, her voice throwing par excellence … Continue reading Quirky Saucy: Christine Barger

Hot Brunette Of Summer: Jordan Madley

Ever since my younger days, “The Craft” certainly has always stood out as a classic thanks to Fairuza Balk’s intense performance as the goth teen witch Nancy. Exactly ten years later in 2006, came the release of under-rated “5ive Girls” and that very witch fest paved the way for Raven-haired Vixen JORDAN MADLEY. As Mara, one of five female delinquents who possess supernatural abilities, they … Continue reading Hot Brunette Of Summer: Jordan Madley