Actress Spotlight: Crystal Allen

Appreciating the Vixens of our World is always a privilege and the gorgeous Crystal Allen sizzles up the small screen this week on “Supernatural”. She’s guest-starring as Roseleen, a groupie who has the hots for rock star Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield). He has been possessed by Lucifer and harbours the desire to go on a wanton killing spree. In order to show her devotion, Roseleen … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Crystal Allen

Rising Starlet: Frankie Ingrassia

Frankie Ingrassia has an amiable aura that’s approachable and a pleasing sight for many. Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” fame has praised Frankie for being a great actress and a sweetheart too. Frankie and Christina previously played lesbians in “Without A Trace”, sharing on onscreen girl-on-girl smooch. This time, catch the comely Frankie in “Goliath”, the new legal drama from Amazon that has Billy Bob … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Frankie Ingrassia