The Women Of 37 Problems The Webseries

With Netflix and Hulu going head to head with their plethora of digital shows, it’s time to head over to Amazon for the entertaining web series “37 Problems”. Created and starring award-winning filmmaker and playwright Lisa Ebersole who plays a down and out screenwriter who finds out she has only 1 egg left. In a desperate state, she’s left with the conundrum of finding a … Continue reading The Women Of 37 Problems The Webseries

The Women Of Vikes

When it comes to indie films, the inner workings of characters are much more prominent and that is why we’ve drawn to the women who make them a joy to watch. The romantic comedy “Vikes” now available online should be of endearing note to us as will be screen sweethearts Sydney Sweeney and Christie Lynn Smith. Sydney Sweeney If there’s one actress everyone should be … Continue reading The Women Of Vikes