Indie Horror Starlets To Crave @ Crypticon Minneapolis

Jennifer Prettyman – A genuine angel of the indie horror scene, Jennifer has delved into a variety of genres and has notably beguile in dramatic roles which showcased her captivating veneer. – Here’s Jennifer revealing more about her role in “The Escape” and “A Cursed Coven”: In my film The Escape my character is running for her life as she is chased by a madman. … Continue reading Indie Horror Starlets To Crave @ Crypticon Minneapolis

English Rose: Antonia Bernath

It’s a beautiful thing when we can’t stop having crushes on British actresses and why not when they have such sweet allure as rising star Antonia Bernath. She is appearing as Susan Borman in “The Astronauts Wives Club”, the Gemini Nine wife whose composure we will soon discover is a stark contrast to her struggles to be the perfect wife. This sets up intriguingly in … Continue reading English Rose: Antonia Bernath