LAweb Fest 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Gracie Lane

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It’s such a blessing to be able to highlight the faces of the future and Gracie Lane has that exuberant nature to stir the heart. If you’re the type that has an attraction for fetching beauties (for example Sophia Bush) than Gracie would be one to covet. She stars in the new web series “Platonic” as Gray who has a one-night stand with her best friend MJ. Forward 2 years and they’ve now colleagues the restaurant Thirsty Tuna leading to the inevitable question are they going to be just friends? Seeing that she’s also the producer, Gracie just attended the screening of “Platonic” at this year’s LAweb Fest and it’s better late than never to feature such an ardor-worthy actress. We often refer to the web as the second screen but with the emergence of cherished hotties such as Gracie, it’s time we refer to the online space as being the first.

She has also appeared in an award-winning web series “In Reverie” back in 2012 which won Best Outstanding Drama, Best Director and Best Outstanding Ensemble Cast for the LAWeb Fest awards 2012 edition. Her performance as Jamie who is caught between two loves in past and present is relatable as it is endearing. I’m sure many of us have been in the situation of being passionate about someone who doesn’t reciprocate the affection in return. If we’re mentioning the adorable X-factor of an actress then Gracie does have an angelic presence. She could just turn out to be a perennial charmer.

PollyGrind Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Burgandi Phoenix

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Angelic and sensual at the same time, BURGANDI PHOENIX is luscious with a Capital “L” and surely one of the hottest emerging indie actresses. Whether it be in the pages of magazines, onscreen or on the red carpet, BURGANDI is a certified stunner. Her lineage is one of a combo of exotic nationalities which will turn heads every time we see her. BURGANDI stars in the gruesome “American Girls” which is based on true events as 2 high-school girls are abducted, raped and murdered. The aftermath that follows will be compelling and descend into the depth of darkness. Seeing the pic (above) of Burgandi with the tape on the mouth and looking disheveled doesn’t bode well for her character Britanii Palmer. Besides BURGANDI, there’s a list of gorgeous faces on “American Girls” which I will feature in an upcoming blog post. So don’t miss the premiere at the PollyGrind Film Festival this Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 8pm.

A born performer, she’s already sang and danced her way into a lot of hearts, showcasing herself as an all-rounded entertainer. With limitless potential there’s plenty more to come from her. BURGANDI has also recently been in the drama “Speed Dragon” with Bai Ling and has several more projects in the pipeline. Visit the BURGANDI PHOENIX OFFICIAL SITE to find out what’s next for her in the ensuing months ahead. Expect her to be the enchanter we’ve all been waiting for…:)