Actress Spotlight: Sara Lazzaro

The eyes of the world will soon be embracing the angelic Sara Lazzaro as she plays one of the most definitive figures in history. She stars as Mary in “The Young Messiah”, the mother of Jesus who herself is privy to a miracle via her virgin birth. I would put Sara on a list of lissome beauties such as Charlotte Gainsbourg and Rebecca Hall who … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Sara Lazzaro


Sizzling Cutie: Paula Marcenaro Solinger

The angelic Paula Marcenaro Solinger is a living doll of the indie genre and she may just transition into the apple of your eyes. She’s the star of “Blood Sombrero” playing the enigmatic yet violent former cult member Josephine who is holding onto a mysterious box that’s desired by vicious crime lord. With the world premiere of “Blood Sombrero” at Blood Bath Film Festival being … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Paula Marcenaro Solinger