Rising Starlet: Peyton McDavitt

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It’s her natural beauty and angelic flawlessness that will have many forming an avid attachment to the very cute Peyton McDavitt. It is the end of 2014 so we’re bringing out the crystal ball to ascertain the starlets who might have their breakout year in 2015 with Peyton being on the verge. If you’re the sort who gravitates towards cuties such as Brie Larson who can certainly steal a scene or two then Peyton should be earmarked as being an enchanting face too. Certainly on television, she’s been doing just that on shows such as “Rizzoli & Isles”, “Last Resort” and “Killer Women” with the latest seeing her guest-star as a former medic, Andrea Corbett who is on a crime spree. Only thing is that she’s doing it on account of trying to replicate the adrenaline rush she once had in battle which she is re-living vicariously through robbing banks and giving the cash to local vets. This was an emotional role for Peyton, portraying an unstable women and she did went out of her way (with tons of research) to tell the story of this tortured character. Her expressiveness onscreen is a great watch, displaying her ability to ace the dramatic scenes.

Her dedication is exemplary and bodes well for her in making a name for herself in the industry. From being an All-American field hockey player to being fluent in Spanish, there’s many more colorful shades of Peyton we would love to discover. Can’t wait to start up on an interview with this beautiful talent with plenty of heart.

Rising Starlet: Kate Alden

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With her angelic smile and enticing eyes, Kate Alden could soon be the name everyone will be clamoring with adoring intentions. From TV to the indie scene, this cutie is impressing us with several stirring performances. She does have the fashionable looks that could hark back to glory days of yore which means Kate would be well-suited in retro shows such as “Mad Men” or “Manhattan”. The big news is that Kate will appear in “The Librarians”, an Indiana-Jones styled series where ordinary librarians go off in search of ancient artifacts. Set to air in November 2014, she joins a bevy of beauties such as Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth. You can also catch her in “The Device” which will be screening at this year’s Tacoma Film Festival. In the riveting sci-fi thriller, she plays Rebecca, the younger of two sisters who re-connect after being apart only for their lives to turn into a nightmare after discovering an object of alien origin. The very thing that brought them back could well be tearing them apart as its nefarious intentions are brought to bear by creators of the strange object. It’s an emotionally-driven role, one which Kate will leave us thoroughly absorbed.

Kate has also been a busy girl having been in reshoots for a film from last year, and gearing up to start rehearsals for a little winter theater. I feel blessed every time an actress makes time for little old me, even if it’s just short term as we know an actress life can get rather hectic. Her upcoming film “The Darker Path” sees her in the flesh of another damaged woman who in the wake of her mother’s death find there’s something sinister lurking. The horror genre is an exhaustive one and with the compelling Kate at the forefront, there’s never been a better time than now to carry a torch for this most lovely lady.