Upcoming Starlet: Riley Rose Critchlow

We love the versatility of actresses on TV at the moment and the talented Riley Rose Critchlow makes quite the striking impression this week. She’s guest-starring in “Rizzoli & Isles” in an explosive scene with Angie Harmon as their characters lock horns with disdain. In the aptly titled episode “Bomb Voyage”, Riley appears as Rhonda Hearn, the cousin of a hacker who could be a … Continue reading Upcoming Starlet: Riley Rose Critchlow

Hot TV Vixen: Amy Stewart

Touted as being an engaging funnywoman who has distinguished herself in a myriad of TV Shows, AMY STEWART is just as enigmatic in darker fare. In the recent episode “Rebel Without A Pause” from the drama series “Rizzoli & Isles”, she’s thrust into the challenging persona of a rape victim whose offspring from that heinous act seeks revenge on the perpetrator, a respected professor. AMY’s … Continue reading Hot TV Vixen: Amy Stewart