Rising Starlet: Meeghan Holaway

Successful stage,film and television thesp Meeghan Holaway is enchanting in her own distinctive way having played several fearless characters in her time. From an interview I chanced upon, Meeghan had this to say about her craft “I keep trying to be a better actor today than I was yesterday” signalling her absolute dedication. This is just pleasing to the ears as we get hooked on … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Meeghan Holaway

Hot Comedienne: Marieve Herington

Cute redhead MARIEVE HERINGTON is a pleasure to watch and she’s so likable, it’s conceivable that viewers would be gravitating towards her. I have to admit that I’m blessed to be surrounded by pleasantly charming women such as the ebullient MARIEVE who regularly keep me in the loop on the happenings in the industry, notably the goings-on in her career thus far. You may have … Continue reading Hot Comedienne: Marieve Herington