Vanessa Cloke

The year might be coming to a close yet enticing actresses such as the endearing Vanessa Cloke are leading a passion movement well into 2017. With “The Walking Dead” introducing the infamous Negan to rapturous response, Vanessa herself has a recurring role as Anna who while initially a thieving Alexandraian becomes a carer of Judith Grimes. Let’s hope AMC expands her backstory as she’s quite … Continue reading Vanessa Cloke

Hot Actress #407 – Nancy Wetzel:Rising Starlet

Introducing the comely brunette NANCY WETZEL who has a recurring role in the action-laden series ‘UNDERCOVERS’. Her character is that of a chef who is constantly kept on her toes by her panicky boss, the sister of the female CIA operative Samantha Bloom(played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Unfortunately ‘UNDERCOVERS’ was recently cancelled after 1 Season ending the run of yet another thrilling show and depriving us … Continue reading Hot Actress #407 – Nancy Wetzel:Rising Starlet