Actress Spotlight: Murielle Telio & Chloe Hurst

With “The Nice Guys” premiering this week, it’s time to ardently fixate on the women who will be elevating the comedy to sizzling levels. The delectable duo of Murielle Telio and Chloe Hurst have the photogenic sex appeal to be onscreen temptation for years to come. Murielle stars as porn star Misty Mountains in “The Nice Guys” whose apparent suicide spurs an investigation by private … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Murielle Telio & Chloe Hurst

Actress Spotlight: Kelly Walker

Australian sweethearts of the screen are always on our minds and the comely Kelly Walker will catch our eye this week. She’s the leading lady of “1,800 Days”, a story of the effects of incarceration on couples. Kelly plays Ava, a newlywed whose world comes crashing down when her husband is sentenced to prison for 5 years. This Queensland-born (QLD being one of my favourite … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Kelly Walker