Indie Princess: Jessica Hendrickson

It’s time to announce the advent of bright talents of the independent scene which includes the entrancing Jessica Hendrickson. She’s appearing in the short “The Pradys” that’s about familial secrets which we know don’t always end well but make for good comedy. She’s a vision of quirkiness as Skyler who engages in sibling rivalry during the course of a family dinner. Would love to see … Continue reading Indie Princess: Jessica Hendrickson

Sexy Siren: Ona Grauer

With a sultriness that’s out of this world, ONA GRAUER has justifiably established herself as one of the foxiest ladies on planet Earth. This Mexican-born Canadian Hottie is classy elegance with incredibly seductive European features thanks to her mix of Norwegian, German and Hungarian nationalities. That very diverse heritage of hers allows ONA the flexibility to play a host of characters from the celestial to … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Ona Grauer