Indie Starlets To Crave @ Arizona Underground Film Fest 2014


1. Jackie Moore in “Pernicious”


– Be captivated by Jackie as she stars in “Pernicious” as a sunny American girl discovers a malevolent spirit out for blood on her dream trip to Thailand
– It’s so awesome to see a horror film set in Asia specifically Thailand especially with more and more actress cropping up on locales of the Far East such as Kristin Stewart who is in Singapore shooting. Hope the luscious Jackie can drop by some time in the future too!
– With her new action series “Black Jacks” due to be released and numerous features in post-production, this vivacious blonde is on the fast track to stardom!

2. Ruby LaRocca in “Call Girl of Cthulhu”

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– There’s no better way that to admire an actress like Ruby who revels in her alternative looks and her intriguing roles in the horror genre.
– Ruby will appear in the Lovecraftian-like film “Call Girl Of The Cthulhu” which has everything from crazy cultists and romance.
– She’s also about to dazzle us a writer and director with the twisted tale “SOCIOPATHIA” showcasing her creative talents destined to shock audiences.

3. Tina Krause in “Upsidedown Cross”

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– It’s fitting that a sensual actress such as Tina appears in the sordid “Upsidedown Cross” about a woman who comes under the devilish influence of an evil preacher.
– This vixen of terror has numerous features in the works which means being entranced by the petite yet curvaceous Tina is customary.
– She is one of the most recognizable faces on the indie horror scene and so happens to be one of the sexiest too!

4. Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir in “Metalhead”


– It’s a blessing to be able to savor the work of European actresses but ever since she starred in “Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre”, Halldóra has been one of my favorites from Iceland.
– She may be under-rated but her appearance as a mother who lost her son in the goth drama “Metalhead” should get many talking.
– One has to love how she plays women with the internal fortitude to overcome the odds and she’s brilliant at every time of asking for each role.

5. Shannon Lark in “I Am Monster”


– Easily one of the sexiest indie vixens, Shannon is flying the flag for feminist horror and she’s every bit as intriguing in them.
– Watch her jolt every horror fan as the disturbing woman who has a fetish for the flesh of the dead in the provocative “I Am Monster”.
– I’m tempted to laud her as the Angelina Jolie of horror because she can be a dead ringer for her and also as Shannon is exceeding the boundaries with her unnerving performances.

Sizzling Cutie: Amy Main

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There’s nothing better than those moments when we’re enchanted by the sweet and sexy facets of an actress as AMY MAIN can so easily exhibit. From a knockout performance in “Making Maya” as a gal whose inner desires are ignited by a college girl to cavorting with in a bikini with hottie Ashley Schultz, she’s a stunner. Channeling similarly comely traits as Mena Suvari, AMY’s youthful charms are indisputably fascinating. You’ll get to see her “jailbait”-like innocence as AMY stars in the new web series “Matchmakers” where 3 home-schooled kids move to LA and start a consulting firm. Cue hilarity as viewers will each be treated to advice from kooky professionals on the complications of relationships. They’ll make you see love in a different light, the fluffy content endearing with a dose of funny right up your alley.

She’s also known for being on the Game show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” where she was a bundle of fun and worked the crowd. She does have one of the most adorable faces in the industry. This well-traveled actress has been all over Asia, from Japan to China and she’s even fluent in Thai…wow! The Asian connection is something I always cherish and it’s great to hear she’s been in this part of the world. Watch out for AMY for she could very well be the next internet vixen…:)