TV Vixens To Crave – March 2015


1. Kayla Mae Maloney in “The Following”

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– One of the comeliest faces ever to grace TV Land, Kayla is set to be a perennial charmer whom we will have a longing for years to come.
– In the the very first episode of the third Season of “The Following”, Kayla is at her most tempting as Natalie Brooks, the saucy wife who engages another woman to join in a threesome with her husband.
– Best known for her eye-catching stint on “The Glades”, she has the personable disposition to be a much cherished leading lady of any show and we hope soon!

2. Kelly Walker in “Last Man Standing”

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– A hot list is not complete without an enchanting Aussie actress headlining it and Kelly Walker is deservedly getting her moment to shine.
– She has a recurring role in “Last Man Standing” as the fetching Jenna who hangs out with Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim) and brings on the laughs in the latest episode ‘Kyle’s Friend’.
– Kelly is one of the first few actresses I had earmarked on this blog for big things and she’s making a name for herself in sparkling fashion.

3. Dawn Olivieri in “House Of Lies”


– Some women are naturally Sex Symbols and Dawn does bring plenty of heat to the latest season of “House Of Lies” as the ferocious Monica Talbot who goes toe-to-toe with Kristen Bell’s Jeannie in some bloody nose action!
– From playing a woman who enters a forbidden affair with a younger man in “Missionary” to the girlfriend of a white supremacist in “Supremacy”, Dawn can certainly stir emotions.
– She seems to have the knack to extract degrees of truth in many of the characters she embodies making no matter if they’re good or bad, making her quite the sought after talent.

Aussie Vixen: Gemma Laurelle

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Strikingly beautiful Gemma Laurelle may soon be on the cusp of an ever-growing ardor in the weeks ahead. With the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Rise”, the film about a nurse accused of rape which is based on a true story, this is Aussie storytelling at its most riveting and she’ll indeed be eye-catching. Gemma appears as Constable Rossi who heaps misery on the unfortunate Will McIntyre (Nathan Wilson) as his life is in tatters having been sentenced to a maximum security jail. Gemma has opinionated that she believes “Rise” has a story which will resonate with many people, not just Australians, but for people globally. The then unheralded Teresa Palmer came into our adoring view thanks to her role in another riveting Aussie drama “Retreat” and there’s every chance Gemma may grow into reverence. By the way Teresa did play the antagonist which likewise is Gemma’s forte too.

Her features which project strength have seen her portraying a sharpshooter in the upcoming “Hidden Peaks” as well as partaking in action scenes in the sci-fi short “Blood and Steel”. She’s also been lauded as one of the most hard-working actresses in Sydney and her dedication as we know has been a pre-cursor for success. Gemma does excel in the physical aspects too as she’s conversant in the use of weapons including firearms and various martial arts style. It’s time we have an action starlet from Down Under ala Gina Carano and Gemma would fit the bill nicely. Whether Gemma represents good or evil onscreen, we are certain to be engrossed by this tenacious and fascinating actress.

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