Portland Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Emily Eskell


The Stunning Emily Eskell is picture perfect in so many ways, her beauty is evident with a defined photogenic allure. Catch her in “Love Is Now” which follows the romance between two photography enthusiasts. The Portland Film Festival may be held in the US but there’s always a chance to get to know blossoming Aussie actresses and Emily joins Anna Torv and Claire Van Der Boom. Interesting that Claire is of Dutch ancestry and Emily herself has English roots on the side of her father. It’s no wonder the attractiveness of Emily warrants attention from a growing pool of admirers I presume. According to her, “Love is Now” was a wonderful film she worked on with Jim, the director, who she also collaborated with on a short film we wrote together called “The Fragments”.

She also just finished working on the series “A Place To Call Home” and has some projects lined up in Australia/ LA/ UK. Set in the 1950s, this melodrama has gained a loyal following and come the Season 3 premiere on Sunday 27 September 2015, we could get a glimpse of Emily in the latter episodes. During her time back in Sydney, she wrote and directed a number of short films for film festivals around Sydney and she’s quite the conversationalist in French having studied in Paris. We can’t wait to discover more about the graceful Emily as she pursues her dreams in theatre and film.

Rising Starlet: Sibylla Deen


Some faces are destined for burgeoning royalty and the radiant Sibylla Deen is already making a delectable impression on TV. She stars as Queen Ankhe, the wife of King Tut who also happens to be his sister on the epic Spike TV mini-series “Tut”. For 3 nights, audiences will be enthralled by her beguiling qualities as this woman of Egyptian nobility who enters into an incestuous marriage in order to preserve her family’s legacy. Sibylla’s portrayal is a must-watch as she brings depth to what is a woman of many shades, fiercely calculative at times yet burdened by the responsibilities entrusted upon her. Some may misconstrue her motives as blind ambition but it’s her heart that’s driving her choices and the consequences thereafter. We certainly can’t get enough of Australian actresses and seeing how Sydney-born Sibylla is joining the likes of Eliza Taylor (“The 100) as well as Phoebe Tonkin (“The Originals”) in dazzling fashion on the small screen, she’ll be very much coveted.

Aussie talents do excel in fleshing our the complicated nuances whether one is of royalty or otherwise. Even kings and queens are not shielded from the unpredicatable nature of life. It will interesting to find out what Sibylla has to say about her role where she marries her own brother and the topic of incest which is very Cersei and Jamie Lannister like. Turmoil is definitely something Sibylla regularly emotes on the series “Tyrant” as she plays Nusrat Al-Fayeed, the wife of Ahmed Al Fayeed, son of unstable dictator Jamal who has suffered immensely from being kidnapped and raped. But she stays the course and plots her revenge which is bound to be highly anticipated. Especially seeing how she has those massively ravishing features that borders on exotic lusciousness. Watch her shine as Sibylla Deen is a name many will find to be intoxicatingly desirable.