Aussie Vixen: Camilla Jackson

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There’s nothing better than celebrating the allure of a hot Aussie blonde and upcoming starlet Camilla Jackson ranks high on the desirable list. One could say Camilla has mesmeric qualities in the vein of iconic pop songstress Kylie Minogue and don’t you think she bears a resemblance from certain angles. Having seen her reel (above), Camilla’s Aussie accent must surely turn heads as well and she does an impeccable American accent too. Are you in love with her yet? Maybe you will soon enough as this week is the advent of HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati slated to run from March 21-to 23rd, 2014 and Camilla has a supporting role as a nurse in “Patrick: Evil Awakens”. Granted it’s a small part but she joins the ranks of fellow beauties Rachel Griffiths, Sharni Vinson and Peta Sergeant in this tale of a brain dead patient with psychic abilities. This is a remake of the 1978 original “Patrick” which became a cult classic and even influenced Quentin Tarantino. As we’ve seen so often, horror roles can lead to something bigger and for Camilla, she’s bound to nab a breakout role soon.

Camilla has been living in the US for a while now and just finished shooting an Irish/American low budget feature called “The Girl At The End Of The World”. She currently has great representation and has been having some huge auditions while in the midst of doing AFI shorts. Australian audiences will be familiar with her stint on the famed soap opera “Neighbours” back in 2011, a show which I followed when I was in uni at the Gold Coast. Television is certainly the medium we would love to see her make a return and she is after all in the process of writing a treatment for a TV series. Additionally she’s actively writing/producing as well as acting in little sketches. All this means being captivated by the inviting Camilla can’t come soon enough.

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Foxy Femme: Rebecca Rifai

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With a sexiness that could dazzle on the pages of any fashion magazine, Rebecca Rifai is a resounding wow on the hotness scale. Fans of the riveting Canadian series “Motive” which is in its sophomore season can catch Rebecca on the second episode “They Made Me a Criminal” which recently aired. Her character interacted with a guy who we find out later to be the victim of a vicious murder, a shot to the head no less. With her stunning figure and captivating smile, it’s apparently clear why there was some flirting going on (watch the clip above). Coming back to her smile, it stems from her positive outlook on life and those who have met her affirms she has a lovely radiance. I am pleasantly surprised to find out she was born in Australia before moving to Vancouver to explore her passion for all things creative. Rebecca is also a graduate of the University of Southern Queensland reminding me of the good memories I had while at uni in Queensland. Loved that she showcased her Aussie accent which we know to be mesmerizing in her reel (above).

Besides “Motive”, her other TV credits includes appearances in “Supernatural”, “Arrow” and “Model Killers” which is fitting since Rebecca has the killer looks. She was also recently seen opposite Meredith Monroe (one of my fav actresses growing up as she was on “Dawson’s Creek”) in the drama “Secret Liaison”. Away from the camera, Rebecca is also the proud author of Presenting 101, a book which she created to help others get into the presenting industry and improve their public speaking capabilities. Check it out here:
Just realized, Rebecca did ask me whether I wanted a signed headshot photo and I think it’s a must to take her up on that offer…:) Celebrating beautiful women has always been at the core of this blog and having a memento in the form of a gorgeous Rebecca Rifai autograph would be very much desired.

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