HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Chloe Hurst


With 2 short films screening at the prestigious Hollyshorts Film Festival, the ravishing Chloe Hurst is sure to be the toast of Hollywood town. She showcases her credentials as a sweetheart to cherish in 2 endearing roles. First up the is the girl caper team-up “Sugarbabies” as she plays Ash who together with her partner in crime Maddy steals a fortune from their sugar daddy. The catch is he’s actually a gangster so have the luscious duo bitten off more than they can chew? In her second short called “The Sandbox”, Chloe stars as Fiona, the seductress who is a significant influence on an alcoholic-addled young man. As Fiona, she symbolises the addictive nature of alcohol and what better than having the desirable Chloe bring it to life onscreen.


Audiences would have already seen her in the hit buddy action comedy “The Nice Guys” starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. She has a great scene with fellow Aussie actress Angourie Rice so be sure to check her out. My previous feature on Chloe was in May highlighting her appearance on “The Nice Guys” and the article is still showing legs going into the month of August. Such is the increasing appeal of the statuesque and graceful Chloe so be sure to start falling in love with her in a big way!

Hotties on Film, TV, DVD and The Web – 10th August 2016


Chanel Marriott in “Alison’s Choice”


– Undeniably an enthralling presence onscreen, I rank the adorable Chanel Marriott alongside Teresa Palmer as my favourite leading ladies from Australia.
– in “Alison’s Choice”, she stars as Alison whose pregnancy becomes a struggle between choosing abortion over the life of her baby taking her on an eye-opening journey.
– Whether you’re pro-choice or anti-abortion, her deeply emotional performance in “Alison’s Choice” will tug at your heartstrings in its most mesmerising articulation.

Watch it Online (Worldwide): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/80209
Order your DVD: http://alisonschoice.com/buy-now/

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Ellen Dorrit Petersen in “Shelley”


– An extra-ordinary actress from Norway, Ellen Dorrit Petersen has all the makings of a global star, her striking presence intrigues our very soul.
– She stars in “Shelley”, a psychological thriller that sees her as eco-hippie Louise who hires her maid to be a surrogate mother only to find something terrifying is growing inside her.
– Just as she enchanted us in her award-winning feature “Blind” as a woman who lost her sight and retreated into sexual fantasies, Ellen is once more solidly absorbing in “Shelley”.

Laura Owen in “Black Dossier”


– Laura Owen is the babe-licious indie vixen who has been eye-catching on multiple platforms and this year guest-starred on the hit TV series “Rizzoli & Isles”.
– She dazzles as the indomitable MI-6 Agent Meredith in the web series “Black Dossier” during an era where super-humans are deployed to ‘Suicide Squad’ missions for the government.
– With her impeccable figure, Laura reminds us that Summer is still sizzling even in August and why we should fall at the feet of her gorgeousness.

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Tiffany Mualem in “The Frame”


– The praiseworthy spirit and spunk she crafts into her characters is telling of the virtues of actress/singer/dancer Tiffany Mualem as an indie darling.
– She stars in the sci-fi film “The Frame” as Sam, a dauntless paramedic with a troubled past wanting to make a better life for herself, adding a human touch to the fantastical tale.
– The authenticity of delivery by the excellent Tiffany is to be celebrated, her depictions of the fallibility of the individual a joy to behold.

Watch Now: www.DoubleEdgeFilms.com
Amazon – http://bit.ly/AmazonTheFrame
iTunes – http://bit.ly/iTunesTheFrame

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Nina Bergman in “Assassin X” aka “The Chemist”


– We’re getting our share of Nordic beauties with actress, singer, songwriter and model Nina Bergman destined to bewitch audiences in the months ahead.
– She’s a revelation as the sex hungry, adrenaline junkie Trinidad in “Assassin X” (formerly called “The Chemist”) and sizzles as an action starlet as well as a seductress.
– With her sultriness a bona fide asset of this enigmatic, multi-talented Danish/Russian entertainer, the photogenic Nina should already be hailed as a Sex Symbol!

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