Indie Princess: Danielle Evon Ploeger

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Danielle Evon Ploeger is set to be one of the most captivating young faces of the screen and she beguiles with such an authentic warmth. She certainly brings her A-game in the role of Allie in “Summer League”, a poignant tale threading on the cycle of life and death. Playing a girl who returns home during her summer break only to encounter a death in the family and finding healing through the game of baseball. Danielle is so easy on the eyes, you’ll be rooting for her all the way! This does bode well for this promising talent who has make an impression with every feature she’s in. Check out several fascinating snippets of her scenes from “Summer League” in her extended reel (above).

Next up is “Wind & Rain”, a love triangle which sees Danielle playing Elizabeth whose bond with her sister Marie is tested when a mutual love interest surfaces. She also doubles up as a spirit who haunts her sibling for the betrayal of passion. Already words of praise such as ‘Stellar’ and “Impressive Talent” have been afforded towards Danielle and she must be doing wonders to gain great reviews. Having shone on the theater scene as Antigone, the daughter of Greek Hero Oedipus, she’s regarded as someone who can weave a commanding affront even during the most reticent of moments. Additionally, her radiant smile would spark quite the selection of lovable attention I’m sure. Danielle is going to be regarded fondly in 2014 and possibly for even more years to come.

Canadian Vixen: Jane Moffat


With her ability to shine in a wealth of roles, JANE MOFFAT is credibly authentic when it comes to fleshing out a varying range of characters. Her recurring role as Sandra Bell on “Alphas” sees her as the overprotective mother of Gary who we all know is extraordinary yet behaviorally flawed. The mechanics of her relationship with her son is both plausible and complicated in light of his autism with JANE putting across her emotional dichotomy as a concerned matriach impressively. We hope to see even more developments regarding her story arc as Sandra on “Alphas” although viewers can catch more of JANE in her guest appearance on the new medical drama “Saving Hope”. Certainly, it’s on television that her presence is steadily anchored having also appeared in other sci-fi shows such as “The Listener” and the Katie Holmes fronted mini-series “The Kennedys”.

In 2013, expect to see her captivate in a pair of Canadian productions alongside big names Jessica Chastain, namely the horror flick “Mama” followed by “An Enemy”, a doppleganger tale starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Appreciating the diversity of faces is always something to savor and it’s great to see JANE being lauded in the entertainment arena. She is thoroughly likable which which as we know will get the customary approval from viewers everywhere.