Canadian Vixen: Jane Moffat


With her ability to shine in a wealth of roles, JANE MOFFAT is credibly authentic when it comes to fleshing out a varying range of characters. Her recurring role as Sandra Bell on “Alphas” sees her as the overprotective mother of Gary who we all know is extraordinary yet behaviorally flawed. The mechanics of her relationship with her son is both plausible and complicated in light of his autism with JANE putting across her emotional dichotomy as a concerned matriach impressively. We hope to see even more developments regarding her story arc as Sandra on “Alphas” although viewers can catch more of JANE in her guest appearance on the new medical drama “Saving Hope”. Certainly, it’s on television that her presence is steadily anchored having also appeared in other sci-fi shows such as “The Listener” and the Katie Holmes fronted mini-series “The Kennedys”.

In 2013, expect to see her captivate in a pair of Canadian productions alongside big names Jessica Chastain, namely the horror flick “Mama” followed by “An Enemy”, a doppleganger tale starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Appreciating the diversity of faces is always something to savor and it’s great to see JANE being lauded in the entertainment arena. She is thoroughly likable which which as we know will get the customary approval from viewers everywhere.

Blonde Bombshell: Sharon Wright

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With her Midwestern charm and stunning body, SHARON WRIGHT has the requisite sex appeal to raise our very libidos. If you’ve seen her vamping it up on the poster and several stills of her short film “Time’s Up Eve”, you’ll envisage why SHARON is a perfect fit as a 1940s Femme Fatale in the shape of the titular Eve. The sultry poise she so deftly conveys is as mysteriously absorbing as the bold light and dark shades of this noirish thriller. It’s been a while since the archtype of the amoral blonde was this inviting (I did enjoy Kim Basinger in “LA Confidential”) and SHARON is seductively edgy in her role as a woman escaping the unfathomable horrors plaguing her city. Drop by the SHARON WRIGHT OFFICIAL SITE and and you’ll see SHARON drip sexuality in the pic of her as a film noir babe. Sharon rates “Time’s up Eve” as comparable to visual crack and why not when we’ve treated to her in leading lady mode so here’s hoping it screens at even more film festivals after ScreamFest. The greatest film noir of the 40s, the Robert Mitchum/Jane Greer starrer “Out Of The Past” famously has this quote: ‘All women are wonders, because they reduce all men to the obvious’ and there’s no doubt, SHARON can make us weak at the knees.

A string of Best Actress Awards for her portrayal as a battered girlfriend in the perturbing “Tell Me You Love Me” is a validation of her amazing talents. Taking a real-life traumatic event from her past and channeling that darkness led to her giving a remarkably authentic performance. On top of her acting pursuits, she’s also an accomplished filmmaker with ‘The Battle Of The Sexes’ comedic web series “For Worse” gaining warm approval. Sharon’s own fan base would no doubt follow suit thanks to her being such a sexy, enthralling creative force.