FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Screen Siren Willow Hale


The indie scene has always been about its vivid characters and Willow Hale has earnestly represented women of many creeds. She stars in “Betrothed” as Mildred Cooper, a member of the deranged family that kidnaps innocent Audra West (Mikayla Gibson) and forces her into marriage or shall we say modern-day slavery. Just like Mikayla, Willow is being recognised at this weekend’s FANtastic Horror Film Fest. She is nominated for the Best Supporting Actress In A Feature Film Award for her exemplary work in “Betrothed”. On the Actress Obsession Blog, we celebrate artists of all ages and while ageism is widely prevalent in the industry, on the online space, we will always have an affinity for female talents such as Willow. The world has its abundance of bias and for those who have experienced it (which includes me) know of the challenges facing us. We much prefer authentic representations of every day people on onscreen and there’s avenue for Willow to shine as she’s done this year.

She was brilliant in the short “Thank you Lisa” playing the terminally ill Olivia whose daughter Lisa has come to terms with accepting her mother’s decision to end her life. The debate over assisted suicide still rages on and her portrayal should make us question our place in this world. Willow was also prominent on the horror scene having appeared in the anthology film “Holidays” which put a darker spin on the holiday spirit with some terrifying segments. You may have also spotted her as Miss Mae who passes on her bewitched Gnome (Verne Troyer) to an unsuspecting woman Zoe in “Gnome Alone”. She’s indeed had her share of interesting roles across many genres so let’s show our support for stirring talents like the lovely Willow Hale.

Indie Horror Darlings To Adore @ Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival 2016


Special Guest Scream Queen FELISSA ROSE


– With the presentation of the Crimson Screen Horror Icon Award to iconic temptress Felissa Rose, she’s cemented her legendary status as one of horror’s most coveted actress. She’s also a Special Guest at the Crimson Screen Film Fest and that’s going to be thoroughly memorable!
– The intensity she’s able to exude onscreen have seen Felissa assume most famously the transgendered serial killer Angela in “Sleepaway Camp” and recently a religious fanatic in “Zombie Killers”. She admirably pushes the boundaries in damaged personas onscreen.
– Her immense contributions to horror is an inspiration for everyone across the world and indeed instilled my own undying passion for the beloved genre.

Astrea Campbell-Cobb in “KILD TV”


– Ravishing blue-eyed blonde Astrea Campbell-Cobb has been a scene stealer on both the indie scene and television. Having featured her before on this blog in support of her guest-star role on the hit series “Marvel’s: Agents Of Shield”, she garnered a wave of adulation.
– She’s at her beguiling best in “KILD TV” as Adel, a new employee at a small TV station terrorised by a serial killer that hides in plain sight. Astrea won a nomination for Best Actress for her role as Adel confirming she’s a rising talent to be smitten with.
– Her photogenic sex appeal, kissable lips and acting finery is thrusting her into the spotlight which puts her on massively lovable notice.

Alexis Codding in “Neron”


– When it comes to hailing flawless beauties, Alexis Codding is a young talent with picture perfect charms. Blessed with the effortlessly sexy allure that reminds of actresses such as Olivia Wilde, she’ll stir your senses in no time.
– Her emergence in indie horror has seen her star in various films and shorts including “Voodoo” as the slasher anthology-themed “Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8)”. Alexis has been part of some gritty features yet her well-liked warmth comes shining through.
– Catch her in the horror/thriller “Neron”, a tale of mystery and illusion where a premature newborn son, the titular Neron starts wreaking havoc on his family.