Kristen StephensonPino

In the midst of film festival fever, there’s still sweethearts of the screen that entrance us and the gorgeous Kristen StephensonPino makes for a beguiling leading lady in the horror film “The Channel”. Now out on BLU-Ray, “The Channel” sees Kristen as Cassie, a young woman who somehow becomes the conduit for an evil entity after surviving a near-death experience. The creepy trailer which shows … Continue reading Kristen StephensonPino

Red Dirt Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Cindy Maples

In the month of March, we’re getting our fix of the most luscious ladies of independent film with the sultry Cindy Maples is a cert for global adulation. She stars in the western short film “The Prisoner of Perdition” which premieres at this year’s Red Dirt Film Fest and involves a US Marshall trying to protect his prisoner. Little does he know, he is a … Continue reading Red Dirt Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Cindy Maples