Screen Hotties To Crave at SXSW 2015 – Part 2


1. Whitney Able in “Ava’s Possessions”


– One of the most enticing actresses of her generation and the inspiration of why I started this blog, Whitney is strikingly spellbinding every time she graces the screen.
– If you’re smitten by her sexy turn in “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” as well as her memorable role in “Monsters”, catch her returning to captivating form in the demon-themed thrller “Ava’s Possessions” alongside Louisa Krause.
– In her upcoming film “Dark”, she plays Kate, a model whose deepest fears are realized in the depths of darkness and if there’s an indie darling to covet at film festivals it would be the always delectable Whitney!

2. Jennifer Prediger in “Uncle Kent 2″


– Jennifer is garnering adulation as one-half of an offbeat couple with Jess Weixler in the must-see “Apartment Troubles” as they explore their successes, the unpredictable world of art and a brimming romance…:)
– She channels the indie spirit in such a fascinating way and will reprise her role in “Uncle Kent 2″ which is the sequel to the film which sparked her transition into the indie scene. She did draw comparisons to Greta Gerwig for portraying the cute Kate, the online friend who is quite the enigma.
– Singer/Songwriter Lisa Loeb made eyewear a fashion statement and Jennifer may just get the same publicity seeing how her glasses is very much part of her beatnik attractiveness.

3. Jessica Pimentel in “The Grief Of Others”

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– Having already caught the world’s attention with her multi-layered performances on “Orange Is The New Black”, she’s already a force to be reckoned with in “Person Of Interest” as Dominic’s primo heavy Floyd.
– One of the coolest personalities that I’ve been blessed to be in contact with, Jessica imbues a genuine gravitas to every role she’s essayed, a sign that she’s a star in the making. Don’t miss her cameo in “The Grief Of Others” which is based on a best-selling book.
– She’s proof that dedication as well as the tenets of never giving up is the path to success seeing how she’s won a SAG award and there’s no doubt Jessica will leave us enthused for years to come.

4. Sonja O’ Hara in “Creative Control”


– Hailing from Nova Scotia which has seen the likes of Ellen Page enchant the planet, Sonja herself is indelibly engaging and one of the brightest creative sparks.
– Be sure to catch her as a spunky yogi in her upcoming feature Creative Control” (directed by Benjamin Dickinson) which is having it’s world debut.
– In her film “Ovum” where she plays a bisexual actress who makes a lot of questionable decisions, she’s going to enthrall your mind and put the audience in a mesmerizing spin.

5. Josephine Decker in “Funny Bunny”


– She’s already been lauded for possessing the art of mystifying viewers having directed the surrealistic features “Thou Wast Mild and Lovely” and “Butter On The Latch”.
– Josephine is a fav at SXSW seeing how she concocts visceral work that is full of compelling tones and she can be seen in the comedy “Funny Bunny”, a tale of 2 men in love with the same woman.
– In the vein of film-makers such as David Lynch, she is bathing in the glory of her distinctive storytelling and we’ll be right by her side for more.

Sizzling Cutie: Casey Fitzgerald

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With the loveliest of features to enthrall the planet, Casey Fitzgerald has a special quality about her and is a shimmering beauty indeed. She’s starring in the short “After Lilly” alongside Jack Quaid of “The Hunger Games” fame and it is screening at the LA Indie Film Fest 2015. Jack plays Tyler who inevitably hits on the fetching Jane (Casey) and a who’s who of beautiful girls at a trendy bar as his imagination run wild. Another reason why we adore hanging out at film festivals to steal a look at women who make our hearts quiver. She can also be seen in the monster mashup “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” as the heroine who is both a love interest and savior when dinosaurs run amok in a western town. Here’s Casey revealing more about her role in “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” and more:

I had such an amazing time shooting “Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs” We shot it in Montana and I fell in love with the place and the people. its magical, it made me want to move there. My character Sky is a small town girl with a big heart who ends up going on a journey with some amazing characters to save the world from dinosaurs. Of course with the help of her horses. there is alot of action; shooting, lassoing, climbing,Atvs, horse riding. It was a blast!! I have another project coming out soon that I am super proud of. It is called “The Shift” it is a drama about the Nurses in the E.R. , What they go through, and the controversial subject of DNR patients that the family and the nurses deal with. My friend Leo Olivia who is a nurse in the Emergency room wrote the real life script. Danny Glover also Co stars In the film, It was awesome working with him. I met some amazing people on set and got to collaborate to make such a real heartfelt meaningful project.

In “The Shift”, Casey is mesmerizing as the idealistic new grad Amanda who is put under the wing of a veteran nurse as they both care for a suffering little girl asking for peace. Their differing belief systems are at odds when the principle of Euthanasia comes into the picture. Casey is thoroughly fascinating as the woman who is fighting for the rights of her patients to live and audiences will marvel at the zeal Casey pours into her character. She’s recently won a Best Actress award for her dramatic performance and I’m sure many more plaudits are heading her way. Poised to hit stardom in the coming months, Casey is making us sit up and notice with much fervor.