Rising Starlet: Linnea Larsdotter

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Multi-faceted Swedish actress Linnea Larsdotter is deserving of adulation and she’s already making waves internationally with mesmeric grace. She is the leading lady of “Till We Meet Again”, an indie drama that sees 2 young travelers on a journey of discovery about their love for each other as they take in the locales of Thailand. With her being awarded the Culture Award for 2015 by the prestigious magazine Trelleborgs Allehanda, interest on the beguiling Linnea is set to rise in a massive way! She’s a wonderful example of how a talent can transcend the borders of the world and deliver a stirring impact on audiences. “Grattis” would be the praise I would bestowed on the exceptional Linnea and once more I’m privileged to be writing about this blossoming siren of the screen.

Here’s the ever so kind Linnea revealing more about her role in “Till We Meet Again” and her exciting roster of upcoming projects:

The Feature film Till We Meet Again was shot in Thailand and New York, where I play the lead Joanna. TWMA is an indie drama following a New York couple who travels to Thailand, to save their relationship, only to get separated, and sent on a journey that will change their life.

Joanna and I are two completely different people, and those are my favorite roles to play, where I have to search within me for answers about the characters. Shooting in Thailand was marvelous, and since I used to live there, it’s always like coming home.

Jane Street is my third collaboration with screen writer Matilde Ascheri. My role in Jane street is Jenny, a free spirited girl, with a big heart. She is funny, goofy, and brave. I loved playing the part. In some ways, Jenny and I are very similar, and in other ways, we are the complete opposites.

2015 is looking to be a busy year for me. I’m currently in the pre-production process of 3 feature films, a musical, and a tv show.

Active on the independent scene where she’s also appeared in the intriguing film “Ovum” written by Sonja O’Hara, she’s destined to be in the limelight and may one day follow the footsteps of Noomi Rapace or Alicia Vikander. This strikingly gorgeous blue-eyed Nordic princess is certain to hypnotize many across the globe!

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Orlando Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Doris Morgado


The heavenly Doris Morgado can channel both sweetness and sensuality effortlessly, pleasing audiences who are sure to find her crave-worthy. In the comedic short “Flight Fright”, a selection at the Orlando Film Fest 2015, she plays a flight attendant on airplane where nothing is what it seems. A comely vision onscreen, she’s exciting plenty of observers and is steadily racking up impressive turns on multiple mediums. Her upcoming guest-starring role on the new sci-fi series “Colony” will be one to keep your eyes fixated on for we know TV is so fashionable and on the horizon, stardom is beckoning for Doris. She is also the leading lady of “Blackhats”, due for release on October 23rd and is set to enchant us as the feisty Janelle Ortiz. She’s the concerned sister of Jacob, an extreme gamer whose life is in danger which prompts her to seek help from her fellow co-worker and Fugitive Recovery Agent Elisha Flemming in this cyber thriller.

Her diverse ethnicity and voluptous spiciness ensures you can’t take your eyes off her. This week alone Doris is likely be the toast of the town what with her mesmerising us on multiple days. She recently won the Best Actress Award for her leading role in “Blackhats” at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival and having seen her pics from the awards gala, she’s on her way to striking it big and being a stunner on the red carpet. Doris has ambitions of being a memorable Femme Fatale and there’s no doubt that she would be red-hot in the skin of an enchantress. When you gaze at Doris, it’s discernible that she has the sexy Latina charisma in the vein of fellow actress Salma Hayek. There’s every chance she’ll transitioned into a very desirable Screen Siren.

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