Rising Starlet: Jessica Whitaker

Ever since Katie Holmes embodied the quintessential girl next door Joey in “Dawson’s Creek”, we’ve always held an undying fascination for cuteness and actress JESSICA WHITAKER radiates with a similar purity. Just like Katie, Jessica also hails from the state of Ohio…indeed they both have gorgeous genes! That doesn’t mean she can’t turn on the sexiness once in a while as she did belly-dancing (above) … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Jessica Whitaker

Rising Starlet: Erin Carufel

Thanks to her scene stealing ways in “The Lincoln Lawyer” opposite the suave Matthew Mcconaughey, ERIN CARUFEL has buzz circling all around her. Who can forget the priceless scene she has in the thrilling drama that has her directing an F-Bomb at Matthew’s slick lawyer Mick Haller (watch above). While her own character Leslie Faire has a disdain for smart-alecky types, you can’t deny there’s … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Erin Carufel