Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Anabelle Munro


Anabelle Munro is one of the luscious leading ladies who are undeniably the treasured faces of the Action on Film Festival 2016. She’s the leading lady of “Gaijin: Fish Out Of Water”, a short that’s part mystical, part horror. As the titular Gaijin, she finds herself cursed and thrown into a surreal world after poisoning herself on offerings meant for Buddhas. Kudos to Anabelle for gamely immersing herself into the grotesque look of Gaijin. Certainly, the hypnagogic trailer (above) suggests viewers can delight in its bizarre J-Horror influence and the mysterious elements ala Edgar Allan Poe. “Gaijin: Fish Out Of Water” is a nominee for Best Horror Short Film and it’s fitting that Anabelle garnered a Best Actress-Short Film nomination. She is surely a enchanter in our eyes and is part of an admirable group of women headlining riveting features when the AOF Fest goes into full swing come Sep 2.


Anabelle also produced and starred in the acclaimed short “The Boy Who Cried Fish!” which is also screening at AOF 2016. With her extensive talents that include writing and editing, she’ll be someone we will idolise. Anabelle wholeheartedly embodies the tagline “We Are Moving Stories” as the CEO of her LA based production company Blue Boots Entertainment. Her hypnotic green eyes is the catalyst for an upsurge of passion and as you will see in “Gaijin” do convey the soul of the story. Anabelle is announcing herself as the glowing belle of film festivals.

Do visit th ANABELLE MUNRO OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

Rising Starlet: J’aime Spezzano


It’s a sure thing nowadays to come across a wave of fascinating young actresses on TV and Hawaiian-born beauty J’aime Spezzano has very endearing facets primed for ardor. In the new series “Stitchers”, she plays Julie Malarek who is a UC Santa Monica grad student majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis on holography. She appears in the consciousness of Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), a woman with temporal dysplasia, a recruit of the mind-blowing “Stitchers” program which leads to vital clues in a bombing case. Isn’t it any wonder that J’aime has been affectionately dubbed as Miss Cuteness Overload when she’s so adorable and in the very first episode no less. I’ve been under the weather these past days but J’aime exudes the ebullient appeal that soothes the soul and instill a sprightly feeling in me. Likewise she’ll be a delight for many who will come to know of her in the coming months.

Here’s J’aime giving us a glimpse at some of her intriguing projects:

I am so incredibly proud to be part of the first narrative feature film shot entirely on the iPhone 5! “And Uneasy Lies The Mind” is a dark psychological thriller that will leave you reeling. You will be blown away at how beautiful the quality is. It is now available for download on most VOD platforms. Please check it out at

I have also just finished filming a romantic comedy called “Social Norm.” I played the romantic lead and had such a blast with the talented cast and crew. And let’s not forget the Western pilot “The Guardsmen.” I have to say that has been one of the most fun shoots in my career. We were decked out in Old West clothing, filming in an Old West town, and I even got to shoot a shotgun on camera. Keep your eyes peeled for this action packed Western!

Seeing her all-action photo (above), it’s clear this exquisite lady is shooting for the stars! If you have a penchant for elfin hotties with a simmering edginess such as Juno Temple, then it’s time to make J’aime your belle. Already her body of work is a varied and beguiling one which means her devotee count is set to flourish.