Indie Princess: Jamie Carroll

The indie genre is blessed with exceptionally talented women and Jamie Carroll is a vision of beauty as she is at creating beautiful stories onscreen. This writer, director and actress in this month alone could be the talk of town seeing how she’s part of 2 short films likely to make a big impression at 2 film festivals. The first is “Just Ask” which will … Continue reading Indie Princess: Jamie Carroll

Rising Starlet: Grace Folsom

Grace Folsom Reel from David Spaltro on Vimeo. At the San Diego Film Festival 2012, everyone will be talking about GRACE FOLSOM who enchants with a memorable performance in “Things I Don’t Understand”. She stars as Sara, the terminally ill girl being interviewed by grad student Violet Kubelick (a believer in the afterlife) for her thesis on spirituality. Her dedicated research on the debilitating condition … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Grace Folsom