Sizzling Cutie: Sara Lazzaro

Extremely easy on the eyes, Sara Lazzaro is a talent worthy of a passionate following as she’s a fascinating figure. This Italian-born actress has a distinctiveness about her, much in part to being a bilingual talent and having worked on both Italian as well as English projects. She does have the cultured essence that one can envision to be on par with the likes of … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Sara Lazzaro

Latin Vixen: Paulina Galvez

A consummate character actress on both English and Spanish productions, PAULINA GALVEZ radiates sensuality each time she takes to the screen. Those gorgeous curls of hair, eminent cheekbones and mesmerizing Chilean/Spanish roots means she has all the makings of a Latin Sex Symbol. Many will remember her super hot sex scene from the independent sci-fi thriller Rottweiler where she plays her character Alyah with animalistic … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Paulina Galvez