Captivating Horror Goddesses @ ScreamFest LA

1. Ashlynn Yennie in “The Wretched” – Ashlynn can beguile and shock viewers in equal measure and there lies her enticing charm which we all constantly rave about. – It’s a zombie fest in “The Wretched”, as she portrays Claudia, beautiful wife of Marcus, the leader of the Roman Army grappling with the plague of the walking dead. – Of course, she’s also in another … Continue reading Captivating Horror Goddesses @ ScreamFest LA

Rising Starlet: Chanel Marriott

Mesmeric actresses are captivating viewers at a remarkably tender age and CHANEL MARRIOTT is one of those budding starlets with momentum behind her. It’s great to see her continue the trend of Aussies pursuing their dreams and most importantly gaining the approval of so many. We’ve seen how Teresa Palmer (who is from Adelaide) and Claire Holt (Brisbane girl) turn into coveted talents and the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Chanel Marriott