Actress Spotlight: Dre Davis

Genial and sexy star Dre Davis has surely embed herself in our hearts as a most desirable prospect. She’s spicing up ‘Along Comes Mary’, the newest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” this week as the artfully crafty Sara Harvey who now has Jenna (Tammin Sursok) in her corner. Will the Black Widow and her newest BFF stir up even more torment for their mutual enemies … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Dre Davis

Sexy Siren: Gina La Piana

There’s something about Latin or part-Latin actresses that regularly has us gushing over them and GINA LA PIANA is endowed with an unmistakable magnetism. You must have seen “Colombiana” like I did recently whereby Zoe Saldana was all highly-charged raciness. Then I came across GINA with her foxy mix of Italian, Spanish and Puerto Rican and I was equally hooked. Her arresting Latin-European looks and … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Gina La Piana