Sizzling Cutie: Taylor Coffman

It’s October and we find ourselves fixating yet again on the ladies of TV Land with the luscious Taylor Coffman brightening up our week. She plays Helen, a very endearing waitress on the new series “Life In Pieces” and while her scenes are short, they’re definitely sweetly tinged with awkward charm humour. Her quips with John (James Brolin), the patriach of a multi-generational family in … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Taylor Coffman

The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s

Most might be wondering what the “F” stands for and I can say with certainty that in the 60s, the “F” can represent quite a variety of things. For instance, Femmes who were Famous and Fashionable in the Swinging Sixties! It can also mean the Fun these Foxy women were having on and off the silver screen. So as a tribute to the icons of … Continue reading The “F” Generation: Icons of the 60s