Hot Actress #378 – Julianna Barninger:Blonde Bombshell

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Now here’s an actress who’s taken the mantle of digital vixen with aplomb as her YOUTUBE channel ‘HOT AND CROWDED’ has surpassed 5.1 million views! If i was looking for my blonde dream girl, the very ravishing JULIANNA BARNINGER would be at the very top of my list…hehe. Co-creator of ‘HOT AND CROWDED, their popular videos like the DRESS US! Interactive ones has JULIANNA (as Kate) and her LA gal pal Molly completely in the nude save for 2 black bars covering their private bits…..;) Your mission is to choose the best outfit for them including bras and panties…WOW…this is YOUTUBE GOLD!!! Can’t believe i took so long to discover this…so why not sneak a peek at this desirable young lady at the JULIANNA BARNINGER OFFICIAL SITE.

JULIANNA can be in a bikini/swimsuit of any color or make, she still would look absolutely delectable especially with her being such a photogenic model. Her awesome reel (above) is a must-watch with her foxiness in full display not forgetting she’s a natural at comedy, the snap-shot (at 4:06) of the cop accidentally touching her boobs is surprising and hilarious….i didn’t see that coming! I can’t wait to see what JULIANNA has in store when she tackles the merry-go-round of emotions we call love in the indie romance ‘SALAD DAYS’ (catch the interesting trailer above). Having sizzled the digital highways, it won’t be too long now before JULIANNA is dubbed the “IT GIRL”…:)

You wanna fall in love with this cutie so check her out at IMDB: More Info JULIANNA BARNINGER.

Hot Actress #354 – Sylvia Jefferies:Blonde Bombshell

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SYLVIA JEFFERIES is well known for two of the most standout moments on both TV and Film. In the hit comedy ‘EASTBOUND and DOWN’, she came out of the river topless in a scene reminiscent of the Ursula Andress infamous bikini scene in James Bond. She certainly has a red-hot yummy body and as a stripper called MISTY DAWN in “HALLOWEEN 2”, she bares it again outdoing the striptease scene she previously had on ‘ONE TREE HILL’ (see above). You know you have a sexy blonde vixen in the house when ROB ZOMBIE casts you in his movie (his wife is the luscious SHERI MOON by the way). What’s with SYLVIA and stripping….they seem to be one…hey I’m not complaining when i get to watch a gorgeous woman be a hit-maker with the stripper pole.

In ‘EASTBOUND AND DOWN’, she brought pizzazz to her fun-loving Tracy character injecting the right amount of sauciness with some sassy attitude. With Season 2 just starting, i hope they get SYLVIA back in one or two episodes…:) In fact SYLVIA JEFFERIES and KATY MIXON (which i featured before) has to be one of the most tempting pair ever seen on television….kudos for the brilliant casting! She may be cast as trashy females ever so often but SYLVIA has demonstrated the capability of adding depth to her roles. She has brought to life one of the most memorably enthralling TV characters.

Find out more about her at IMDB: More Info on SYLVIA JEFFERIES.