Rising Starlet: Angelica Boccella

From the indie scene to commercials, Angelica Boccella has been a constant captivating force whose mesmerizing qualities are much desired. She’s recently been dazzling the red carpet of her horror comedy “Jersey Shore Massacre” and she’s the epitome of virginal beauty. Everyone has been talking about how Kirsten Dunst has return to her jailbait roots and Angelica has a youthful essence to be excited about. … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Angelica Boccella

Stunning Starlets at Cannes 2013

CANNES is in full swing and adorned with beautiful women from all over the world! Let’s celebrate these lovely ladies who are carving a piece of history as well as exciting viewers with their stirring roles and bewitching beauty. 1.Sonja O’ Hara in “Town Red” – What better than to celebrate the zombie short film “Town Red” and the talented Sonja O’ Hara who is … Continue reading Stunning Starlets at Cannes 2013