Blonde Bombshell: Nicole Watson

It’s about letting the world know about the most ravishing upcoming starlets and the entertainment biz has come to identify NICOLE WATSON as delectable to a great extent. This stunning actress and international model who hails from Canada has flawless, milky skin that’s as smooth as silk, a highly covetable asset in an industry where beauty is regularly prized. Having modeled for top agencies including … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Nicole Watson

Hot Actress #436 – Jennifer Matter: British Vixen

Her performance in ‘DEAD CERT’, the “Lock, Stock & Smoking Barrels” meets “Hammer’s Classic Dracula” Brit flick has JENNIFER MATTER impressively sinking her teeth into the role of the dangerously sexy bloodsucker Tatiana. She imbues her sultry blonde Euro-vamp with a sadistic edge and the predatory instincts of the undead….luckily there’s not one emo-vampire around enabling us to enjoy JENNIFER’s wildly aggressive side in the … Continue reading Hot Actress #436 – Jennifer Matter: British Vixen