Sizzling Cutie: Michelle West

With her glowing beauty and grace, Michelle West is a lady to love on many fronts. Attractiveness is in her nature having previously been Miss Louisiana so she’s certain to bewitching. Beauty more often than not come with a pleasant personality and she’s been exceptional to her fans and those who know have lucky to know her. Don’t miss Michelle in the role of Susan … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Michelle West

Hot Actress #451- Marcelle Baer: Sizzling Cutie

I’m must say I’m addicted to the thrills and scares of After Dark Horror Films and when you have a pool of amazing young performers translating the terrifying material onto the big screen, you’re swiftly hooked..:) I can’t wait to see glowing brunette MARCELLE BAER headline the After Dark Originals Entry ‘SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE’ with the Irish lore of the Banshee unleashed via an … Continue reading Hot Actress #451- Marcelle Baer: Sizzling Cutie