Ravishing Redhead: Annie Boon

ANNIE BOON is an award-winning actress with an expansive radiance that’s unmissable. The Season 3 premiere of “Hung” has Annie in some scenes that will make some blush whereas I like to think it’s perfectly natural to have them in a show that deals with gigolo sex and that famed well-endowed pecker. As they say, the provocative series “Hung” does hit all the ‘Hard’ spots…hehe. … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Annie Boon

Sizzling Cutie: Heidi Kristoffer

There should be no doubt of my fanaticism for blondes and HEIDI KRISTOFFER is easily one of the bubbliest gals with quite the burgeoning sexiness. You’ll be able to catch HEIDI pretty soon in the tale where Dr House tumbles into bed with one of your fav Gossip Girls…salaciously scandalous you say!! That’s the premise of “The Oranges” as Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester mine … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Heidi Kristoffer