Foxy Femme: Krista Robelle

In the months ahead, comely and curvaceous blonde Krista Robelle could well be an actress to be fascinated with. Her upcoming feature “A Place In Hell” is a frightening tale based on a real-life serial killer which will also pay homage to an iconic horror film. She would be a great fit for a show like “Scream Queens” which stars Emma Roberts seeing how Krista … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Krista Robelle

Sexy Starlets To Crave @ SIFF 2015

1. Mercy Malick in “Circle” – Catch Mercy add sensual flavor as the character known as The Lesbian in the “Saw” Meets Hostel” horror film “Circle”. Can she survive being trapped in a chamber with a mysterious killing machine on the loose? – After her stunning turn as a stripper on the hit show “Castle”, Mercy became affectionately labelled as part of the Expendabelles which … Continue reading Sexy Starlets To Crave @ SIFF 2015