Blonde Bombshell: Krista Grotte

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Loving Horror actresses is a perpetual desire especially when a media temptation such as Krista Grotte is heating up our world. She has said the best feature on her body is her hips and we tend to agree as she has a most enticing figure. Krista does have the drop-dead gorgeous looks and the talents to match, having won a Best Actress award at the Full Moon Film Fest. At the on-going Blood and Babes Comic Con this weekend get a glimpse of her promoting “Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead” which Krista is slated to appear in a trilogy. From the photos of her at the event, she’s every bit as photogenic off screen too. She is a Scream Queen many will be lusting after in the coming months.

She has endeared herself to every horror fan when she revealed on an interview the reasons she loved the horror genre and one of them was the loyal die-hard lovers of horror films. As a fanatic of all things terror myself, Krista has the sensual substance to prosper in this industry. If there’s one hottie who would be pleasing to the eyes with blood all over her, it has to be the stunning Krista. She has the genuine sex appeal to exemplify the meaning of being a Babe…:)

Remember to check out her collection of videos on the KRISTA GROTTE OFFICIAL SITE.

Burbank International Film Fest 2014: Foxy Femme Kelly Mullis

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There’s countless ways blondes endlessly entice us onscreen and the gorgeous Kelly Mullis is slated to tempt us for the long term. She is the star of the short film “Bombshell” which reveals the last days of Marilyn Monroe and some have said it will be evocative. Kudos to Kelly for portraying this iconic entertainer and joining fellow actresses such as Michelle Williams from “My Week With Marilyn” and Charlotte Sullivan from “The Kennedys” in interpreting the everlasting Sex Symbol. Capturing the essence of Marilyn is never an easy feat and Kelly has shown she’s an astute actress, giving us her own enchanting take on the woman who became a cultural phenomenon. She’s perfected Marilyn’s girly, breathy voice as well as her mannerisms that fans around the world became obsessively fond of…:)

Kelly is also playing the legend on the stage the week after for 2 shows on Sept 12 & 13 so grab your tickets here:

She always puts her heart and soul in every role and with this one, unveils Marilyn’s often rumored bisexuality/lesbian affairs with a similar wide-eyed vivaciousness. Marilyn herself would have been proud of Kelly’s magnetism and ability to attract those around her. Besides theater, television has also been her active medium having guest starred “How I Met Your Mother”, “General Hospital” and “NYPD BLUE”. Kelly is well on her way to becoming the very definition of seduction.

Check out the KELLY MULLIS OFFICIAL SITE and start following the work of this rising starlet.