Blonde Bombshell: Gia Skova

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Gia Skova is the alluring Russian-born model/actress who has taken both the modeling world as well as the indie genre by storm. Having graced the pages of Vogue, InStyle, Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ and Cosmopolitan, she’s now setting her sights on sizzling the film world. In the upcoming horror flick “Muck”, she stars as Victoria Cougar who like her group of friends are have to face evil head on or die. Check her out in the behind the scenes video (above) of her in “Muck” and she’s deliciously gorgeous on camera. The realm of entertainment is in her veins as she was discovered as an actress and became a teen supermodel in Moscow at the tender age of 16. Now she’s a dazzler on 2 fronts, as a cover girl and steadily making her foxy presence felt in indie films.

2015 is the year we’ll get more than a taste of her with her expected appearances in the sci-fi series “Starship Orion” and the mysterious thriller “Kickback” which stars John Cusack. She’s been called charming and has already impressed a swatch of directors. Her athletic figure is also an asset and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she headed down the action babe territory. We’ve seeing a rise in fighting femmmes especially on TV with the rise of Chloe Bennett who we know is now an Inhuman on “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD”. Chances are Gia could well make a great kick-ass heroine which she will get to do when she plays an MI6 Agent in “The Rogue”. Dangerously sexy could be the very moniker conferred on Gia and she’s likely to leave us wanting more.

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Scream Queens To Crave @ FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2014


1. Rachel Alig in “Ghostline”


– Easily one of the sexiest actresses on our planet, Rachel bewitches in the scare-fest “Ghostline” as a woman whose boyfriend may be receiving prank calls of the supernatural kind.
– She’s certainly more than just a pretty face, a driven talent who has already excelled in the genre of comedy and horror with quite the verve.
– Fans should be excited for “Room-mates On Elm Street” where she’ll sizzle our world as a former lingerie model with dreams of being a movie star!

2. Melanie Robel in “Lamb Feed”


– Already one of the most recognizable horror vixens, Melanie also stresses the importance of being nice to everyone which every horror fan will appreciate.
– She is one of the stars of the very dark “Lamb Feed” where nothing is normal and has been called a short film that’s an assault on your senses.
– A versatile actress with the gift of playing some intriguing, wide-ranging personas, Melanie is steadily becoming a trailblazer.

3. Sharon Marie Wright in “Time’s Up, Eve”

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– If you’re the type who has thing for Laurie Holden (of the Walking Dead), Sharon is another blonde bombshell who should receive passionate adulation.
– Catch her in the noir-rish “Time’s Up, Eve” as a woman who is relentlessly pursued by shadowy entities which also serves to confirm she’s delectable even in black and white.
– On top of being sexy (Sharon has those enticing curves), she’s also a multiple award-winning actress and has the innate flair for dramatic roles.

4. Kayla McDonald in “Modus Operandi”


– The indie horror genre proves once again that there’s plenty of sweethearts such as the cute Kayla who is impressing us with every turn.
– She’s set to star in “Colony 52″ which has fascinating elements from its cult-origins to the mysteries that will fueled the story.
– Don’t miss her as a detective in the serial killer short film “Modus Operandi” which has quite a twisted ending you won’t see coming!