The Enchanting Women Of Bones – 22 February 2017

In the 12th Season of the popular TV series “Bones” which is its Farewell Season, we are still in awe of the compelling actresses who have graced the show with their luminosity. This week’s episode ‘The Grief And The Girl’ is no exception with Lindsey Haun, Miranda Frigon and Dale Raoul who are TV personalities in their own right in captivating guest-starring roles. The plot … Continue reading The Enchanting Women Of Bones – 22 February 2017

Rebekah Graf

With this being a perpetually enthralling week on television, actress Rebekah Graf personifies divine temptation in riches this week. She guest-stars on “Hawaii Five-O” as Vanessa Lancey, a saucy hustler who runs a scheme whereby lonely guys are scammed into learning “The Method” to pick up girls. All is dandy until a disgruntled victim seeks Vanessa and her partner Blake Stone, the pick up mentor. … Continue reading Rebekah Graf