Sizzling Cutie: Morgan Obenreder

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It’s great to cast our eyes on future starlets and Morgan Obenreder has the likable essence to be a long-term onscreen sweetheart. Those lively, beautiful eyes of hers which will be the main attraction augment Morgan’s expressively youthful features. Comparisons to “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale or even Carey Mulligan might soon come her way with her baby-faced beauty destined to win affection everywhere.

Here’s some juicy info from Morgan regarding her current projects:


In RZ-9, I play Samantha Endcott. A strong-willed, independent girl. I go on the run from the government with my brother, Patterson. Throughout the film, I discover really how strong I am when my world, and everything I know changes in an instant!

Most recently I worked on a film called “Bound” with Charisma Carpenter from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” This has just been released for download on Amazon and iTunes.

I will be working on a small WW2 piece starting this March.

Bondage has never been as hot a topic as it is this year and Morgan’s character Dara, the daughter of Michelle (Charisma Carpenter) in “Bound” does partake in some risque moments you won’t see coming. Kudos to her for taking on a daring role and it’s reflective of her potential to excel in the skin of multi-faceted characters. On television, she’s already guest-starred on “Bones”as a gymnast who was found murdered as well as a spot on “See Dad Run”. We overwhelmingly say yes to the Morgan Obenreder who it is tipped as one of the loveliest faces to be excited about in 2015!

Indie Princess: Jo Mei


If ever there was a time to support Asian faces then the fascinating Jo Mei will be a talent deserving of mention. She plays Yumi, the eccentric girlfriend of John Cusack’s writer Rat Billings in the far-out comedy “Adult World”. As Yumi, she expresses her artistic side in such a memorably unconventional way that has a profound effect on the lead characters. It’s never an easy thing to depict such an off-kilter personality and Jo has shone in a most avant-garde way. Check out her reel (above) for the segment where she enthralls with such kookiness. I have to admit Jo looks gorgeous in comparison to Emma Roberts who of course un-glamored herself for her role as the aspiring poet Amy. If you want to follow an actress who is a little different onscreen, Jo can certainly whip up that interest. Being Asian myself, I’m clamoring for more Asian women to pave their way to success. This year she’s also guest-starred on the hit series “Bones” as Ahn Ni who is a chess player at a tournament sparring with Sweets who is actually canvassing for suspects in a murder case. Jo has also been on another popular TV show “The Good Wife” in a supporting role but gets to ruffles some feathers.

Her next indie feature A Picture of You is screening at CAAM in San Francisco on March 15th & March 19th. She is the leading lady in this one as Jen who together with her brother Kyle who return to the home of their recently deceased mother and discover death is actually the beginning of rebirth. Find out more here: Also keep up with all the latest updates at the JO MEI OFFICIAL SITE.