Sizzling Cutie: Morgan Obenreder

It’s great to cast our eyes on future starlets and Morgan Obenreder has the likable essence to be a long-term onscreen sweetheart. Those lively, beautiful eyes of hers which will be the main attraction augment Morgan’s expressively youthful features. Comparisons to “Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale or even Carey Mulligan might soon come her way with her baby-faced beauty destined to win affection everywhere. … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Morgan Obenreder

Indie Princess: Jo Mei

If ever there was a time to support Asian faces then the fascinating Jo Mei will be a talent deserving of mention. She plays Yumi, the eccentric girlfriend of John Cusack’s writer Rat Billings in the far-out comedy “Adult World”. As Yumi, she expresses her artistic side in such a memorably unconventional way that has a profound effect on the lead characters. It’s never an … Continue reading Indie Princess: Jo Mei